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Chvrches, "Team"

I am probably too old to admit that I appreciate Chvrches, Lorde or Chvrches covering Lorde, but I have to figure there are some of you out there who are age-appropriate enough to proclaim your enjoyment, so this is for you. [Via]


Chvrches, "We Sink"

If you are unsure about Chvrches (and let's be honest, that name is NOT HELPING) I will tell you what: Give this one 90 seconds. A minute and a half. If you still can't after that, fair enough. But I bet you'll be like, "Okay, fine."


Chvrches, "Bela Lugosi's Dead"

I was just listening to Bauhaus' original of this song last night (it is a long story, but I promise you I am not some kind of vampire who spends his evenings listening to the music of his youth and lamenting all the things he has lost as the years have passed by; vampires aren't real!) and thinking about how as much as Peter Murphy's vocals are integral to its mood one of the most amazing things is how the assemblage of the guitar scratches and pops and screechy bits that would come to be instantly recognizable as the Bauhaus sound was there right at the beginning, which leads [...]


Chvrches, "Lies"

If you've ever had the fantasy where it turns out that everything you've been going through over the last few years is actually just a series of hallucinations experienced during the final moments of your life after a shadowy military agency's secret experiment on your battalion with a drug that increases aggression went horribly wrong during the war in Vietnam, only to snap out of it and realize that no, that is actually the plot to an old Tim Robbins movie and really you are trapped in a hell of your own making, I cannot offer you any solace except to say that you are not the only one [...]