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Crazy Made-Up Animal Spotted In Crazy All-Too-Real State

Is the legendary chupacabra—the mysterious, cryptid vampire that terrorizes livestock—hanging around outside Houston? If you are familiar with the kind of freaks who live in the Houston area you will almost certainly be nodding your head in agreement, because, FREAKS, but some animal guy says maybe it's a dingo. You never know, I guess. But if the legendary chupacabra is anywhere, I bet it's in Texas, where all freak things come from.


Raekwon, Capone-N-Noreaga, "Chupacabra"

It's nice when your favorite artists make a new thing and it seems like they've tapped into your thoughts and found out exactly what you would have wanted them to make and were like, "Hey, Dave, I know you and the other folks at The Awl really love the legendary chupacabra (the mysterious, cryptid vampire that terrorizes livestock). And even though we all know that there's no way that the things actually exist, and it's just that people get freaked out when they see a dog with a skin disease, and that the whole thing is just the result of some lady with a vivid imagination [...]


Chupacabra Alert: Rochester, New York

"I was standing right there and it wasn't running from me. I almost ran from it. I thought it was a rat, but when it moves, it rises up and then it just walks like a dog." —Rochester resident Greg Payne, tells the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper about "Dimples," one of two hideous-looking mystery creatures that live near his friend Gwyn Byrd's house. Byrd's grand-daughter took a photograph of Dimples last month, which Byrd hung up on a sign offering a $7 dollar reward for its capture. But she has since reneged on the offer.


Is The Legendary Chupacabra Hanging Out Behind Some Oklahoma High School?


PREVIOUSLY: Is The Legendary Chupacabra Hanging Out In Texas? (Spoiler: Yes.)


Is The Metroplex Monster A Chupacabra?

[Photo: Joe Duty] "This is a weird little critter. This is not a coyote. This is not a dog." -Wise County, TX, resident Tony Potter discusses the animal carcass he discovered last week at a local golf course. Some suggest that this Metroplex Monster is a chupacabra, a legendary cryptid which stalks the American Southwest. Sure! I mean, why not? CHUPACABRA DISCOVERED, PEOPLE! MUST CREDIT THE AWL.COM, and then if you feel like it, credit the actual organization that discovered it in the first place. Whatever you're into, you know? But we'll be happy to take the link.


Chupacabras Recreating In Texas Park

Is this park in Texas home to the legendary chupacabra? Sure, why the hell not.


Legendary Chupacabra Discovered In Wherever Prince Georges Is. Delaware Or Something? One Of Those Mid-Atlantic States You Drive Through On Your Way To Somewhere Else. Yeah, I Think It's Delaware.

"The legend of the so-called chupacabra started on June 1, when Prince Georges Hospital Center went smoke-free, forcing folks to come into the woods to have a cigarette." —Smokers! Is there anything they can't do? (Aside from walking up stairs without wheezing.)


Is The Legendary Chupacabra Just The Result Of Some Lousy Natasha Henstridge Movie?

Five months to the day that a biologist attempted to disprove the existence of the chupacabra—the mysterious, cryptid vampire that terrorizes livestock—skeptic Benjamin Radford has put forth a theory as to the monster's terrifying origins. Turns out some lady from Puerto Rico had gone to the movies in the period leading up to the first-ever chupacabra sighting.


The Chupacabra Is Real, And It's Hanging Out Texas

Has the dreaded chupacabra-the mysterious goat-sucker of legend-finally been found in Hood County? Yeah, sure, why not. COWER IN FEAR OF THE CHUPACABRA, people!


Long Player With D. R. Adams: Gravitar And Excuses

I have been reading a lot of stuff about the crystal skulls. Also some stuff about people unearthing a bunch of very tall skeletons. Now I don't know about giant skeletons (people say they are fake-see chupacabras) but this crystal skull stuff is amazing. They even made the old person Indiana Jones movie about all this. They exist. They're… blah blah blah.


San Diego Chupacabra Proven To Be Not A Real Chupacabra

"It’s a mammal with a long, rat-like snout, a rather high number of small incisors, closely spaced premolars with pointed cusps, and especially long, curved upper canines. Note that, unlike dogs, foxes and so on, it doesn’t have an obvious rhinarium (the area of dark, distinctly textured skin that surrounds the nostrils in such animals). These features all immediately screamed “opossum” to me. Partly this is because I’ve handled opossum skulls and am familiar with their surprisingly big upper canines and high number of incisors. Even the fur looks opossum-like (mammal carcasses typically slough fur after they’ve been decomposing in water for a while, and this explains the naked [...]


The Chupacabra Returns

It has been a good two months since we've had a decent sighting of a chupacabra—the mysterious, cryptid vampire that terrorizes livestock—so thank God for this fellow in Texas, who had the presence of mind to actually snap a photo. He himself doubts the existence of the legendary goat-sucker, but what does he know? It says here: chupacabra is real, and he is coming for your animals.


Spoilsport Smartypants Ruins Chupacabra Story For Everyone

Damn you, Science! You've killed our dreams! "Halloween stories about the ghostly 'chupacabra' circulate every year, but now scientists have solved the mystery surrounding this legendary animal. Instead of being vicious, fanged creatures that supposedly drink the blood of livestock, chupacabras turn out to be wild dogs inflicted with a deadly form of mange, according to University of Michigan biologist Barry OConnor."


Possible Chupacabra Carcass Discovered In New Mexico

Hiker Donald Gialanella sent the footage below to Unexplained-Mysteries' excellent cryptozoology department recently with a note: "I came across this sabre-toothed Duck-billed creature while hiking in the remote high desert in Northern New Mexico. It was about 4 ft. in length and had strange bumps protruding from it's back as well as a very long snout and one large canine tooth. It was dry as a bone and stiff as a board.