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The Most Beautiful Version of the 'New York Times'

Do you have a dream visual browser display of the New York Times article pages? Of course you do! You're a big nerd, right? Today's update to the "Ochs" Chrome extension actually turns out to be my personal dream. It's unbelievable! I heart it. Mm, I just want to read this paper now!


The Google Goblins Give Firefox a Reprieve–But What About the Open Web?

Data from StatCounter.

Did you know that most of Firefox's budget comes from Google? That is because Google pays the Mozilla Corporation, the for-profit arm of the Mozilla Foundation, a share of ad revenue gained by displaying Google as the default Firefox search engine. By most, really, one means "almost all": in 2010, 84% of Mozilla's royalty revenue came from Google, and royalties counted for $121 million of the Foundation's $123 million in income. Pretty good sugar.

The agreement expired in November. (It first expired in 2006, was renewed through 2008 and then again through 2011.) The rapid growth of Google's Chrome browser threatened the survival [...]