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'The Dark Knight Rises': And Michael Caine Wept

Elmo Keep: So, THE BAT?

Maria Bustillos: Yes.

EK: I celebrated my 103rd birthday somewhere in the middle of this film.

MB: You look so young for your age!

EK: Thank you. It is the remarkably smog-free air we enjoy.

MB: This movie was very interesting to me as a political document.

EK: Because it was about Occupy?

MB: Yeah? But really, beyond that.


Hot Batman News

Director Christopher Nolan has revealed that his next Batman movie will be called The Dark Knight Rises, and the villain will not, as expected, be The Riddler, but rather The Condiment King, whom actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is expected to take "to a very dark place."


The Key to 'Inception': It's a Movie About Making Movies

I should love to claim the credit for having figured out what Inception is really about, but Devin Faraci of C.H.U.D. is the one who started the ball rolling for me. I don't know whether or not the essential clue was in Faraci's possession before he wrote his review, but even if it was, all I can say is, dang. I can't remember the last time a review succeeded in making me change my mind about a movie so absolutely, and so satisfyingly.

The clue is this: in recent a red-carpet interview, Leonardo DiCaprio compared Inception not to The Matrix or Dark City, but to 8½. [...]