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Is It Acceptable To Have Children?

Choire: Hello, I have some questions, at this time of "holidays" and "family" and "everyone in Brooklyn having a second and sometimes even third child, also often having two at the same time, because IVF" (I almost typed IDF, because of the news!) and I guess my main question is: how do people talk themselves into having children when the world, at least as we know it, is going to likely end during the lifetime of these children?

Ken: So you're considering having a child. Congratulations! Brooklyn is certainly a wonderful environment for children.

Choire: It is true that once every five years I think "HA, I SHOULD GET A [...]


Tweet Them Well and Let Them Lead the Way

My smart brother-in-law says you must reserve your children's Twitter handle before they can chew their food. Anyone else doing this?

— Jason Hirschhorn (@JasonHirschhorn) January 23, 2012

That's the briefly temporary co-CEO of MySpace, Jason Hirschhorn, explaining The Way We Parent Now.