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Is Porn Any Different From Regional Beauty Pageants?

"Do you really think you’re better than the porn industry, beauty pageant industry? At least porn has the decency to admit it’s built on the backs of amateurs and screws everyone over. Meanwhile three-year-olds are wearing dentures so they can have that perfect smile and you make them pay for the privilege of treading your filthy middle-school auditorium stages." —Miss Delaware has been "de-throned" for doing the wrong kind of self-branding promotional videos.


Iggy Azalea And T.I., "Murda Bizness"

Yikes. Kind of amazing how well the aesthetics of the child beauty pageant circuit—with all its exploitation, and existing as it does under the long shadow of the JonBenet Ramsey murder—matches up with a sexed-up gangsta rap song. Also kind of amazing to hear how well Iggy Azalea, a 22-year-old rapper from Sidney, Australia, mimics the tone and inflection of Dirty South MCs like T.I., who signed her to his Atlanta-based Grand Hustle record label last year. All in all, very creepy and effective.