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Why Aren't We Detesticling More Roosters?

"It’s just a chicken with its nuts cut off."


Chickens Visible

"Owners are dressing their domestic flocks in new fluorescent bibs, which have been specially designed to keep the creatures seen in the autumn evenings. The bibs are meant for the growing numbers of people who keep chickens as pets, especially in urban and suburban areas, to protect the birds from motorists. The bibs, costing £12 and available in pink or yellow, went on sale earlier this month." —[...]


Did You Eat The Bones?

Food marketing is psychotic. It creeps. Smithsonian magazine ran a cover story with the headline How the Chicken Conquered the World. "Let us now praise chicken in all its extra-crispy glory! Chicken, the mascot of globalization, the universal symbol of middlebrow culinary aspiration!" That was last year. "Nothing is more worthless than an individual chicken," Joy Williams once observed. Not for Smithsonian. Obviously there was some war going on and the chickens kicked our ass.

It’s not just the birds. For a character in Francesco Pacifico’s novel The Story of my Purity, the place of psychosis is apricot pastries: "Industrial apricots had become humanity’s enemy number one, [...]


NYC Backyard Chicken Eggs Chock Full Of Lead

"Preliminary results from a New York State study show that more than half of the eggs tested from chickens kept in community gardens in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens had detectable levels of lead, unlike their store-bought counterparts. While lead is a naturally occurring element that is gets ingested in a variety of ways, it has been well established to be harmful to humans, even in very low quantities." —Locavores add another natural nutrient to their diets.


Most Portlandey Thing Ever Happens in Portland

"While many Portlanders still pluck aging birds for the broiler, others seek a blissful, pastoral end for them. Because most chickens lay the majority of eggs early in life, and can live about 10 years, the quest for a place where chickens can live out their sunset years has brought a boom at least two farm animal sanctuaries." —PORTLAND!


Bizarre Mutant Chicken Vexes Holy City

"A chicken with four legs causing a stir in Jersualem." This is an end times thing, right?


Smoked Chicken

"A Staten Island woman was arrested for running over one of her neighbor's hens with her car, kicking the dead bird and stuffing a cigarette in its mouth for a series of pictures, according to court documents."


What To Do When Your Boyfriend Brings Home Chickens

People are always saying things on the Internet all the time. But they are such teases. We like details. So we have to ask.

There are two chickens in my bathtub in need of a home. Any takers?

— Alice Hines (@alicehines) September 11, 2013

They are actually very pretty:

— Alice Hines (@alicehines) September 11, 2013

Alice! So what happened here? Two weeks ago my boyfriend, Jay Dockendorf, came home to our apartment with two live chickens. He’s directing a feature about two Muslim teens in Brooklyn, and one scene takes place in a live poultry store, leading to a few other [...]


Good News For The Chicken-Curious

"Suitor’s operation is part of a mini-wave of chicken rentals, companies that soften the risk in chicken-rearing."


Soon Raising Chickens Will Be Mandatory In Brooklyn

A woman who works in finance and lives in Fort Greene recently got three chickens to keep in her backyard so that she could eat fresh eggs every morning. Yesterday, she was walking her kid to school when she heard someone shout, "Hey, how are the chickens?" She looked across the street and saw a man waving, but she didn't recognize him. She was a little freaked out. Until another woman, ten feet ahead of her on the sidewalk, also walking a child to school, turned and waved to the man and said, "They're doing great!" Brooklyn.


Beirut, "Vagabond"

The new Beirut video looks like a Belle & Sebastian album cover. Which, of course, is a very good way to look. There's a also a funny man-trying-to-catch-chicken scene like from Rocky II. And, since it's Beirut, lovely, lovely horn arrangements. So all, in all, pretty great!


For Dead Chickens, A Monument Denied

Do you think future generations will look back at us in horror and disgust because standards will have evolved to the point where we seem like savages for not having erected giant roadside memorials honoring the tragic highway chicken fatalities that happen along our nation's arteries with regrettable frequency? It's a trick question, because the odds are there aren't going to be very many future generations, and even if we somehow do survive as a species for another hundred years I am pretty sure the direction in which our sensibilities are headed is going to be one where we only express emotions about those who can do something for [...]


Chickens Eat Better Than You

"They may be the most pampered chickens on the planet. On certain days, a truck pulls up alongside their quiet, spacious coop on an Amish farm here and delivers a feast that seems tailored to a flock of two-legged aristocrats. Before long, the rust-colored birds are pecking away at vegetable peelings and day-old bread from some of Manhattan’s most elegant restaurants, like Per Se, Daniel, Gramercy Tavern, the Modern and David Burke Townhouse."


Park Slope in Vicious Fight Over Slutty, Egg-Laying New Arrivals

"Community gardening is really just as much about the community as the gardening, and chickens can sometimes point out ways in which that’s the case," says one chicken-lover in Park Slope, who helped build a chicken coop in a large community garden. So the war against chickens is raging in Brooklyn. With the Warren-St. Marks Community Garden housing eight chickens over the winter, neighbors are furious at the possibility of clucking and vermin, even despite the really useful fact that chickens can also point out which of three Bic lighters is the red one. Almost every time. (Also: eggs!) But angry neighbors have a point: does the neighborhood [...]


First The Robots Will Carve Chickens…

Yes, let's teach robots to debone chickens. That is certainly not a skill they could transfer to anything more worrisome.


"Sentinel Chicken" Down!

Poor sentinel chickens. The canaries in our disease coalmine, they get routinely poked and prodded for infections of all kind. And then sometimes they actually get one. So send your prayers to the bold sentinel chicken who just came down with West Nile virus in Florida. On top of the dengue and malaria, maybe don't go outside much down there? (Though, for our sentinel chicken friends, I guess it's a better life than being an "eating chicken"?)