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Which Meat Will You Miss the Most?

A butterfly flaps its wings in New Mexico, a lime crisis ends, a meat crisis begins: The cost to produce a BLT, America’s favorite summer sandwich, hit a record high of $1.65 in May and will continue to take a bigger bite out of wallets in the coming months, given a pig virus that has ramped up bacon prices and drought-stricken salad crops in California.

Kind of a strange way into a story about record-high pork belly prices, but sure. It's a BLT crisis! Chicken prices are skyrocketing, too, for entirely different reasons:

"We fed him too much. He got fat. When he got big, he did [...]


Chicken Washing Discouraged

"Stop washing your chicken. Not only is rinsing your poultry before you cook ineffective at killing germs, it can actually spread them, Drexel University researchers say." There is video, for some reason.


Have Some Doody Chicken

The government is doing its best to make sure we all decide to go vegetarian. [Via]


The Internet: Ask It Anything!

Dear Internet: How do I make my chicken taste like cafeteria garbage?


No Matter How You Slice It, Chicken Covered In Doody

"Because of an editing error, an article on Nov. 5 about a study of antibiotic-resistant E. coli bacteria found on samples of chicken sold in the New York area misstated one of its findings. The researchers reported that nearly twice as much of the bacteria was found on the kosher chicken as on conventionally raised birds, not that twice as many of the kosher samples tested positive for the bacteria."


Just Keep Plucking That $79 Chicken

Good news, the allegedly best roast chicken in New York City only costs $79.


Double-Fried Chicken? Oh Sure

From the people who brought you Popeye's General Tso's chicken comes a recipe for twice-fried Popeye's chicken. Man, now I want an angioplasty. [Via]


Eat More Chicken

Is there any way to cook the killer doody off of chicken? Nobody can say for sure, but given how terrible people are in general, even the ones who are trying to reduce their consumption of mammals, maybe it is for the best if we scarf those wings down 'til we're all in the ground.


Chicken Full Of All Sorts Of Stuff You Don't Want To Know About

It's not just doody in your chicken; there might also be arsenic in there.


Next Up: Panera Bread "Turns Green" For Earth Day

I don't know about you, but I am pretty firmly of the notion a chicken restaurant should probably not be branding itself as "pink," no matter how worthy the reasoning behind said color scheme. Then again, we are talking about the chicken restaurant that is always willing to go there when it comes to being gross, so.