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Justice Served

"One gift-shop item in particular has raised hackles: a decorative ceramic platter in the shape of the U.S., with heart symbols marking the spots where the hijacked planes made impact on 9/11. As of Tuesday, it was no longer on display in the museum store."


I Sear A Symphony

"[I]t’s literally like listening to a symphony of color and aroma, with comfort-inducing aftereffects." —Guess what it is. Go ahead, GUESS!


Cheese-Eating Survival Monkeys

"Eating Roquefort cheese could help guard against cardiovascular disease despite its high fat and salt content, according to new research that suggests why the French enjoy good health."


Cheese Meltable

If you own a toaster but not a frying pan, your long, melted-cheeseless ordeal is over.


Cheese Appreciated

What is the best cheese in the world? It's a ripe subject for debate. And since we all know that taste is perhaps the most subjective of the senses, it is probably one for which there is no right answer. But if your top three aren't 1) Parmigiano Reggiano, 2) Stilton and 3) Camembert you are completely ignorant and probably very boring to boot.


Leave It To Denny's To Figure Out A Way To Screw Up Grilled Cheese

I have been wondering about Denny's Fried Cheese Melt ever since I first heard of the bread/American cheese/mozzerella sticks concoction earlier this week. Why pair American cheese with the mozzerella sticks, and not something more compatible like, say, provolone? Why does the official image of the sandwich make it seem like the cheese within each layer is completely unmeltable, thus food-styling away one of the biggest competitve advantages of the grilled-cheese sandwich as opposed to, say, a BLT? (Hands up if you thought those were chicken fingers inside the sandwich.) Will the marinara sauce have any spice beyond salt in it? And, perhaps most importantly, how would it stack [...]


A Reader Reports from the Kitchen: Steak and Mac and Cheese

What happens if you actually print out our recipes for steak and mac and cheese and take them to your kitchen? One Awl reader, a lass by the name of Amy, decided to find out while back on the homestead for Thanksgiving.


Velveeta's Online Presences, in Order

The worst thing about holiday travel is when the airline loses the one bag that contains ALL OF AMERICA’S VELVEETA SUPPLY.

— VELVEETA (@EatLiquidGold) January 8, 2014

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1. Eat Liquid Gold, YouTube

Edith Zimmerman is the founding editor of The Hairpin.


Stuff Yourself With Cheese, America

"Consumers always want more cheese."


Being a Famous Tennis Player Is Like Winning the Lottery (Your Life Is Ruined)

Poor lottery winners! And poor tennis players. They are the same in that you get a lot of money and then it all leaves you as promptly as possible, because you make a lot of terrible decisions really fast, including "buying up the world's supply of an expensive cheese made from donkeys… which can cost over $500 per pound." Congratulations Novak Djokovic, you have discovered, like so many before you, exactly what not to do.


Cheese Expensive

Is this the world's most expensive cheese? Sure, why the hell not.


Which State's Dairy Farms Produced The Most Cheese In 1849?

"Western New England, central and western New York and northeastern Ohio were the important cheese producing regions in 1849. Cheese production was the pioneer form of commercial dairying in the cooler climates. Dairies near large cities sold milk or butter." —Here you will find a U.S.D.A. map that shows where cheese was made on farms in the United States in 1849.


Brie: Not Just For Commie Pansies Anymore

In an absolutely shocking admission that may very well change the face of politics as we know it, a couple of writers over at National Review reveal that they actually do kind of enjoy eating brie. Will we learn of their fondness for Chablis next?


A Single Footnote About Pringles And Memory From Michael Paterniti's "The Telling Room"

Michael Paterniti's new book, The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese, is his first since 2001's Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain. It's out next week, and is already available wherever you purchase books, be it Powells, Amazon, McNally Jackson, Barnes and Noble or a bookstore near you.

It's about cheese! "A wild and amazing ride," says George Saunders. "It made me want to move to Spain," says Elizabeth Gilbert. (Hee.) And: maniacally fun and discursive, says The Awl. How so? Here is a single footnote from the book. [...]


Cheese Melty

"A truckload of burning cheese has closed a road tunnel in Arctic Norway for the last six days."


Rogue Cheese-Rolling Contest Roils Britain

"It's been two years since the annual Gloucester cheese rolling competition was banned on health and safety grounds. But yesterday hundreds took to Cooper's Hill, at Brockworth for a rogue event."


Eat A Block Of Cheese

Cheese is so much better for you than butter. Go cheese-crazy, everyone, your heart can totally take it.


Inside The Shady, Dangerous World Of Counterfeit Cheese

"For years, inferior cheese masquerading as the finest from Switzerland has snuck onto the shelves of stores around the globe. You might think that slice of holey cheese is authentic – but it may be the food world equivalent of a Louis Vuitton knock-off. Dairy counterfeiters, however, should watch their backs. Cheese detectives are on the case."


Who doesn't like a good cheese?

You know what? It is a golden age for cheese. I had some last night, and it was good stuff! [Via]