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Sochi Olympics Photo—Or Site-Specific Contemporary Art Installation?





What Do You Call Conde Nast at the Freedom Tower?

The publishing giant/dinosaur/juggernaut Conde Nast is "considering" a move to the totally not built Freedom Tower downtown and the naming rights are tricky! We were thinking COOKIE: NEVER FORGET but there's also other good choices, such as SI TOWN and GRAYDON GARDENS.


Economists Just Can't Figure Out This Unemployment Thing

Would you like to play get the economist? Reading Chicago economics prof Casey Mulligan trying to make sense of job losses in the recession is fun for everyone.

It's this kind of fun: "Payroll spending now exceeds what it was when the recession began, yet employment remains millions lower. Apparently, payroll spending is not enough to bring those jobs back." Hmm, if only I could find a model that accounts for that! Is there any conceivable reason that there would be fewer people making, all told, more money in America today?

This is what happens when people start working with pure numbers: real-world motivations stop making [...]


When Typos Suddenly Make You A Racist: Twitter Edition



A Five-Part Guide To Irish Viral Videos: The Stunning Conclusion

Sometimes videos go viral within the confines of one country and they never reach the wider world. Luckily we've had Irishman Sean McTiernan to take us through the country's storied collection of viral gems: we've examined the majesty of Ham Sandwich, the mystery of Irish rap and had fun with the cops. Yesterday, we looked at mad TV presenter Pat Kenny. And who couldn't? With his beady dolls eyes and his sinister message from his home planet. But today, in our final installment, we're widening our brief and taking a tour around the rest of the madness that Irish TV has to offer to the [...]


No, But Seriously, How Many Times Have You Checked the Children?

Every year, a bunch of dumbasses at The Morning News complete a story, teeing off from the beginning of a trite Halloween urban legend. This year: the babysitter gets a scary phone call. This is my favorite part. The phone rang.

"What do you want, douche?" Shelly said.

The voice was whispering now and Shelly could hear a mobile playing in the background. "OK, I'm in the baby's room right now. I'm looking at the baby. Checking it, as it were, which is something you should do once in awhile. There is undeniably a baby in the house."