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Selfie Errors

"Thousands of pounds donated as part of the '#nomakeupselfie' craze were sent to Unicef instead of Cancer Research UK by mistake, the BBC has learned. More than £2m has been raised after the craze of taking a self-portrait with no make-up spread virally. But those texting 'DONATE' rather than 'BEAT' found their money sent to the wrong charity. Others accidentally enquired about adopting a polar bear from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)."


But You Already Knew How Public Relations Works

Today's New Yorker story—which is subscription-only—will make you feel bad about both celebrity and philanthropy!


Video of Anti-Muslim Protests in Southern California–And D.C.!

Here is a video of a group of Americans who call themselves "We Surround Them OC 912," protesting a fundraising dinner for a social services charity organization in California a couple weeks ago. The protestors should probably—among other things—read up on what they're screaming about. (Via.)

And then there's this.


A Call To Big Arms

A study entitled The Progressive Increase of Food Waste in America and its Environmental Impact found that we waste 1,400 calories per person per day which is enough food to sustain a very thin or small or old person or a regular biggish man-person if two people team up and waste food together. This is insane given the USDA's report that one-in-seven Americans did not have access to enough food last year. This sort of information, like the Times telling us that "many numbers of people use food stamps now: sadface," doesn't stay in my head because math is hard like reading books and shoplifting candy is [...]


New Yorkers Now Being Terrible For Charity

"The societal pressure forces you to get on board because it’s considered a good cause. It would be such a faux pas to say no to it — you don’t want to be the one guy who doesn’t save the puppies. I know everyone thinks it, but no one wants to be perceived as cheap." —Is there a real trend going on where "more altruistic New Yorkers are insisting on throwing birthday bashes with mandatory charity donations"? On the one hand, now that we've decided government isn't going to do anything but funnel more and more [...]


How You Can Fund Legal Representation for Women in Crisis

Do you like stairs and hate domestic violence? Great news! On the evening of October 6th, you have the opportunity in New York City to climb 42 flights of stairs as a fundraiser for inMotion, which provides free legal services for women, particularly women who are in the process of extricating themselves from abusive relationships. There will be rest areas on these stairs! But don't be too alarmed: you can sign up for 14 floors or even zero floors. Why not register now, as a team member or an individual? WHY NOT, I SAID? Do you want women to be in legal battles with abusers [...]


How We Saved Africa: The Live Aid Videos, In Order

Do you remember what you were doing 25 years ago today? Maybe not, if you are young. But if you are less young, chances are you spent at least some part of the day in front of the television, watching rock stars perform in front of 72,000 people at England's Wembley Stadium or 99,000 people at Philadelphia's JFK Stadium. July 13th, 1985 was Live Aid.


Goldman Foundation Gives Away At Least a Whopping 5% of Its Assets Each Year

Isn't that anticlimactic? The Goldman Foundation is one of the ten largest corporate foundations in the U.S., in terms of assets, according to the Times. But they don't even make the top 50 list in terms of giving. With assets of $404 million, in 2008, it gave away $22 million-and the amount of trading the firm did on its Foundation account is out of this world (resulting in, naturally, a loss, though that'll turn around this year). Similarly? The Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund, for 2007, had assets of $431 million and gave $79 million (that's about 16%, in terms of giving v. assets). How does this stack [...]


Here Is Another Way Social Media Makes You Suck

"Charities incorrectly assume that connecting with people through social media always leads to more meaningful support. Our research shows that if people are able to declare support for a charity publicly in social media it can actually make them less likely to donate to the cause later on."


Ken Auletta Dominates Alec Baldwin in East Hampton

On Saturday morning, me and Angelica and a reporter drive my mom's car from Brooklyn out to East Hampton for the 63rd Annual Artists vs. Writers charity softball game, which takes place in a public park next to a really upscale Hamptons strip mall. My only pre-game exposure to the game was when I went to the game's official website, where I was greeted by an unexpected embedded auto-play video of Mike Lupica speaking really loudly about the game, with a resolution too big for the frame that the video is inside so a lot of the text is cut off. The video sounds like a commercial off [...]


Jersey Mayhem: Greetings From Manville

"Out of the money that strangers donated for a Manville toddler whose mother and siblings died in a 2007 fire, thousands of it went for expenses that had nothing to do with the boy, like the $7,107 his father spent on an escort service, a detective testified today." It's very sad, really. Also, Liz Phair, I smell the title of a comeback album.