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The Time I Worked at That Celebrity Bakery

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Becca Laurie tells us more about some famous people who enjoy eating cupcakes.

@katespencer i worked at a bakery that a lot of celebs liked. i still remember who treated me well (and tipped more than a few pennies)

— Becca Laurie (@imbeccable) August 12, 2014

Becca! So what happened here?

A decade ago, I applied for a bakery job on a whim. I had no experience, and I’d never been to this specific bakery before. I was out to dinner with [...]


Getcher Hot Celebrity Sperm Right Here

"A sperm donor service aimed at matching women with anonymous celebrity dads – such as rock stars and famous athletes – will launch next year, its owners have claimed."


Kill Your TMZ TV

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@mmasters12 I don't know or care what Sam does. I want or have nothing to do with her, unless she affects my daughter in a negative wayless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet ReplyMichael LohanMichaelJLohan

Hey, did you read that Times story on the celebrity-media sexy pillow-fight that is our age? It is pretty [...]


Someone Quite Prematurely Aged By The Hardness Of This World Is But 23 Years Old Today


Dear Grammy Nominees And Other Attendees

Thank you for reading our general rules for appropriate attire for this year’s Grammys. The following items are addressed to particular individuals, but should you feel a flicker of recognition as you're reading, by all means pay attention to it even if you don't see your name here.

Christina Aguilera

If you wear a hat it needs to actually be on your head. (If you want to know what a hat looks like on someone’s head, and not just in its general vicinity, Bruno Mars can probably help you.) It’s not that your whimsical askew-ness thing isn’t super adorable. It’s just that we know everyone's going to [...]


But You Already Knew How Public Relations Works

Today's New Yorker story—which is subscription-only—will make you feel bad about both celebrity and philanthropy!


How Brittany Murphy's Menstruation Just Doesn't Make Sense

There are a lot of women out there who have menstrual cycles. Generally, they talk about it amongst themselves. But sometimes menstruation becomes public! Like in Brittany Murphy's autopsy report, which, Us Weekly reports today, her husband has just read. (The magazine notes that he found reading it upsetting.) But women readers will note that there is some really intriguing menses-related information here.


Chris Lehmann: The White House Correspondents Dinner

A cheerfully inebriated political reporter is holding forth in the French ambassador's residence about the optimal approach to celebrities. We're in the back of the lavish Kalorama manse, where every room on the first floor seems to be a space for entertaining, the high ceilings, oriental rugs and busts of Gallic statesmen giving off a distinct Eyes Wide Shut vibe. The key to the celebrity encounter, the expansive gent explains, is not to give a shit: "When a celebrity meets you, it's completely meaningless. They have to put up with admiring strangers all the time. So why worry about the impression you make? It's oddly liberating, really." As [...]


The Year In Cheating

2012 was the worst year ever for infidelity in America. I know that because I am American, and in 2012, my boyfriend cheated on me. Not only that, my boyfriend cheated on me and I had to recover from it in complete anonymity. Robert Pattinson, cheated on by Kristen Stewart, was invited to unpack this experience on "The Jon Stewart Show." I was not. Someone shot a video of Scott Broadwell in his darkest hour, after his wife Paula's affair with General David Petraeus was revealed, walking with somber solidity to his brother-in-law’s house, while Paula gripped his arm with an assuring sense of ownership. No such video exists of [...]


Is Dr. Drew Addicted to Addicts?

The upcoming season of 'Celebrity Rehab' features such TMZ listers as Sean Young and Lindsay Lohan's dad. If Drew's right, it seems like a contradiction at best and a cruel joke at worst to put these troubled people in front of cameras, which reinforces rather than challenges their narcissism. Drew's heard this criticism before. 'Here's the thing: These are unmotivated people who want to be on TV and make money. That's why they're there,' Drew insists. 'And in spite of that, they end up getting treatment, feeling good about it, being transformed by it.' According to his informal data—follow-up calls, e-mails, what you read on Perez Hilton—about 20 [...]


Roger Ebert, Are You In Good Company?

Roger Ebert came out of the A.A. closet last week, with a long and fascinating essay about his experience in A.A. Lots of people loved it, and found it pretty educational. But what are the negative repercussions of this, asked some in the comments-as A.A. has no public spokespeople and it asks that media outlets keep members private and also (mildly) asks that members don't represent the organization publicly. (It seems like a fine point-but how well can an alcoholism treatment program be perceived if its spokespeople later kill people whilst driving drunk, say?) Of course, it's unlikely that Ebert will give people a bad impression of A.A., [...]


OMG, But What If Web-Stalkers Hurt Celebrities?

New York City-based writer (and Awl contributor) Emily Gould makes an novel point regarding OMGICU, the new forward-thinking website that invented the idea of community-reporting on the locations of celebrities in Manhattan: "I'm a little worried about this, you guys. Couldn't these sightings potentially help stalkers hunt down celebrities? I'm surprised no one has gotten killed yet. By stalkers."