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My Quest To Get Rich From Viral Cat Videos

I am what you might call a casual cat-video viewer. There are people out there—I know a lot of them, and I’d wager you do, too—who spend hours plowing through YouTube and Buzzfeed, clicking from one cat video to the next and urging anyone within earshot to watch along with them. While I'm far less enthusiastic than that, if you send me a link to a cat staring down an alligator, or a cat trapping another cat in a box, I will most happily watch and probably even discuss it. I suspect I’m pretty close to the norm: who doesn't like a good cat video?

So many people like [...]


World's Best Cat Video Is Most Likely Also Metaphor For Your Day

That, certainly, is what my day is like.


Cat Expert: The Shocking Truth About 'OMG Cat'

Remember the viral sensation known as "OMG Cat"? Of course you do, it was last week. Today I spoke with the world's foremost expert on internet cat videos, Brad O'Farrell, who in addition to writing the blogs Snuzzy (about cute animals) and Moar Rawr (about evil animals) and a Tumblr entirely devoted to Cats + LOLing is also the loving co-parent of a cat named Amex. And if that isn't enough expert-ness for ya, Brad is also the original creator of the Keyboard Cat video. (That's right: he found the cat video just sitting there on YouTube, edited it, created the "play them off" [...]


Cat Blizzard Videos Made By People Who Should Have Cats Taken Away

You know what happens when it snows a whole bunch and people have cats? Yes. They throw them in the snow. A trawl of YouTube helps us identify the people we should locate and go to their houses and forcibly remove their cats, who are all being thrown in the snow because, I dunno, there were no children to lock in the basement or whatever. Update: Interesting! Some people are already removing their cat-tossing videos that were posted here.