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Ghost Ship Full Of Cannibal Rats About To Enter Nightmarish Hellscape Called "Britain"

"A deserted cruise ship crawling with cannibal rats is feared to be heading towards Britain, marine experts revealed." There is video, but it is mostly of a boat, which, zzzz.


Better To Have Your Shoe Licked Than Your Face Chewed Off

"Ybor City was built on the cigar business in the late 19th century and is still a place where you have many options for buying a cigar until midnight on a Saturday. In other ways it has a highly evolved party atmosphere. The drinks are poured longer, the music is louder, and the Ybor City shoe licker—a young, creepily affectless man who only wants to taste your soles—haunts the strip." —Normally, learning about something like the Ybor City shoe licker would totally gross me out. But following all last week's cannibalism news, this seems almost appetizing. (No, it still totally grosses me out. Press play [...]


Sometimes German People Eat People, Too, Y'know

"I think it would be mistaken to conclude from these bone finds that this was cannibalism or has some cultural background. In Germany too, corpses are dilettantishly discarded, that doesn't just happened in the Second or Third Worlds." Adolph Gallwitz, professor of police psychology at the police college in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, makes a good point about a pile of human bones found on the South Pacific island of Huku Niva. Local police think the bones may be the remains of a German engineer, Stefan Ramin, who went exploring the island with a local hunter and has been missing since October 9th. Some say that the bones betray [...]


Long Before They Were Nazis, Germans Were Cannibals

"We see patterns on the bones of animals indicating that they have been spit-roasted," said archeologist Bruno Boulestin, of a 7,000-year-old mass burial site discovered near the southern German town of Herxheim. "We have seen some of these same patterns on the human bones."


You Won't Believe Where This Cannibalism Story Takes Place

"New information about an alleged case of cannibalism in Germany suggests the suspect was immersed in the online fetish world, and had discussed a similar act with another willing potential victim. He ran a bed and breakfast which advertised its grilling facilities." Oh, Germany. You just can't help yourself, can you?


It's Cannibal Polar Bear Day

Apparently, December 8th is the annual cannibal polar bear photo day. I am not suggesting that you click through, because these pictures will make you sad.


Guess Where They're Holding The Cannibal Show?

"The exhibition makes the case for understanding the fascination with cannibalism as a seismographic reaction to contemporary developments such as medical innovations that confront the boundaries between two bodies — organ transplants, genetic manipulations, and gestational surrogacy. Against this background monstrous sexist, racist and consumerist tendencies emerge." —There is an exhibition on cannibalism in, of all places, Germany. Here's a slideshow! [And, of course, related.]


Penis Soup

"Penis Soup" would be a good name for a band, but it seems like a bad name for a soup. Nor does it seem like a particularly appetizing soup regardless of what it's called. In fact, probably best not to name your band after it.


I Wonder What They'll Put On Armin Meiwes' Birthday Cake

Today marks the 50th birthday of German gourmet Armin Meiwes. To learn more, read this.


Cannibals Seeking Same: A Visit To The Online World Of Flesh-Eaters

While it was shut down with a Denial of Service attack by the German authorities in late 2002, the website for the Cannibal Café can still be viewed online thanks to the Wayback Machine. Nine years is an eternity when it comes to the Internet and, suspended there in history, the website is a time capsule of early website-design features and flourishes, down to a .gif of dripping blood and the flashing "WARNING" sign. Its forum messages also carry the whiff of a different era; written at a time when people, unaware and unafraid of consequences, were more open with their identities online.

On the Café's forums [...]