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Maybe This Will Be The Virus That Finally Takes Us All Down

"Saudi health officials are stepping up efforts to fight the Middle East respiratory symptom coronavirus, or MERS-CoV, after a recent spike in cases. Saudi Arabia confirmed more than 50 cases of the virus in the past week, at least seven of which were fatal. The Saudi Health Ministry says 13 new cases were reported Monday alone, bringing the total to 257."


I Can't Face Being Subscribed to WND's Horrifying Emails Any More

I can't do this anymore. I was staying subscribed to World Net Daily's email blasts because I figured it was important to know what the wingnut right thinks about our COMMUNIST IN CHIEF and about olive oil. (???) But it's just like opening your gmail every day and having Nicolas Cage as Ghostrider emerge and spit in your mouth. It's not like that even. It IS that. A hideous digital face. Spitting. In my open mouth. I thought this was my job! But no job is worth this! Can someone take over monitoring them for me? Like I think this is the Southern Poverty Law Center's job or [...]


Let The Planet Die

"The force of the report comes simply from assembling all the data in one place; the summary reads like a laundry list of the apocalypse—flood, drought, disease, starvation. Climate change, the group noted, will reduce yields of major crops by up to two per cent each decade for the remainder of this century. (One of the reasons for this is that heat waves, which will become more common as the world warms, depress the yields of staple crops like corn.) Since the global population is projected to grow throughout the century—to eight billion by 2025, nine billion by 2050, and almost eleven billion by 2100—this is obviously rather bad news. [...]


Apocalypse A Lot Easier Than We Thought It Was

"The cataclysmic extinctions that scoured Earth 200 million years ago might have been easier to trigger than expected, with potentially troubling contemporary implications."


Oh Boy, New Invention Heals Itself, What Could Go Wrong Etc.

"After slicing a tube of gelatinous material in half with a razor, researchers stick the two pieces back together again. After they've sat together for two hours at room temperature, the pieces are impossible to pull apart. The material, a new invention, has healed itself." —Years from now, when you and your family are running through the post-apocalyptic wasteland that our planet has become, you will be able to pause, during a brief respite fleeing from the self-regenerating mutant monsters that are hunting down the last remaining humans and sucking out their internal organs for sport, to tell everyone how you saw the things that are now attacking [...]