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The End of Slogans

Burger King has a new slogan, and it sounds like nonsense: "Be your way." Be your way. Be… your way. What does this mean? It is not clear.

The last one was less confusing. Have it your way: "It" refers to "Burger King food." To "have it" a certain "way" suggests that it can be altered to align with special preferences. These preferences are yours. Have it your way. Burger King will change its food for you, a little.

Now, Be your way: Hmm. "Be your way" suggests that a person can "be a way." But this, like Burger King's last slogan, sounds peeved: "Have it your [...]


Burger King Now Serving Breakfast Late

Burger King is doing its part to help accelerate our country's incipient extinction-through-obesity program by bringing brunch-a meal heretofore only available to sophisticated metropolitans like the ladies from "Sex and the City" (this was the actual example provided by CNN)-to its customer base of slovenly, ill-mannered buffoons whose lack of proper dentistry makes the concept of "chicken fries" both palatable and easy on the gums. But how will the company be able to educate a clientele which is surely ignorant of customary brunch refinements such as "napkins" and "salad forks," that there is more to a meal than an overheated patty of gristle and cow anus quickly washed down [...]


The Age Of Wonder

"What a sad low-rent time we live in," said some sage on Twitter the other night, and on mornings like this one it's difficult to disagree.


Super Size Everyone

A blogger has put together a map that shows which fast-food chains dominate which smoke-choked highways of this vast nation. It looks like your normal heat map of the U.S.A. (complete with big lavenderish splat over Texlahoma that represents Sonic) until you realize: All that black space isn't neutral, but controlled by McDonald's. (It took me a few seconds, too.) [Via]


Burger King Twitter Outrage Caps 60 Years Of Awful Burger King Commercials

As you may have seen on Twitter yesterday, Burger King was either sold to McDonald's or taken over by crazy people. Both would be an improvement, as Burger King has a reputation as "the fast food that even fast-food lovers don't like at all." There has always been something off about this hamburger franchise business, especially the marketing. That's why cynical people looked at the supposed hacking of @BurgerKing and figured it was just another desperate try to get anyone to care about the perennial No. 2 hamburger brand.


The Food Junket Report: Burger King Unveils its New Broiler to Food Snobs

Even the biggest food snob has to admit that at one point or another, either out of convenience, drunkenness, or lack of other options, he is going to eat fast food. And while I myself have no shame in admitting that I am a bit of a fast food connoisseur, in light of the most recent invention of the new Burger King broiler, I might claim that even the snobbiest foodie (they hate being called that!) could feel at home at their local Burger King.