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A Poem By Brian Blanchfield


Hallmark meteorology: a little what-if weather sworn over time to the ridgeline conditions the basiners downvalley to the lucky look of trouble. In an updraft apprehension replenishes the cloud, a steady sort of borrowing

against promise. Welling at bottom, a slow spring fills centrally where it plummets, a sump and font that fills

convexity out to its inky meniscus, whether there the landmark melancholy were owing to the mirror it lends the blotted sky or to the condition of abysses. A cygnet is drawn anyway, milky, apprehensive,

to water’s edge, to study his launch, and fixes his look across the curvature, a creature whose rarity may—look

again—enrapture each round-turning [...]


A Poem By Brian Blanchfield

Pferd                                                                    Marino Marini, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Gift Swiss, holding American, art Italian, tradition Boeotian. The diabetic buckles on the expo path, dislodges the fizzy headset and—would it be cavalier to add—misses in the Snapple retrieved for him

the incidental part Marini plays in the tour of art a love poem once underwent, beloved incidental, he on whose behalf from all the world’s unconcern one circulating suitor contrived express concession.

Anyway if there is a homologue in the Frick what can it mean in Charlotte, stooped at the centerpiece, in powered-down posterity, in a sugar low, North Carolina?                            Not rearing, and no rider, right or wrong, so by [...]