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Man Opinionated

Do you have one of those friends who, half the time they are talking you're all, "Wow, this person is completely right," and then the other half of the time you're like, "Wow, this person is fucking insane"? (A harder question to answer: Are you that friend to someone else?) Anyway, Bret Easton Ellis seems like he would be one of those people, the friend who you are always happy to hang out with but only in installments of every six months or so because otherwise it's just exhausting. Still, he thinks all the milllennials are wusses, [...]


Spoilers, Screenerbrags and Squabbles: How Film Critics Use Twitter

Venn diagram review of "LA RELIGIEUSE" and "VIC+FLO ONT VU UN OURS" #Berlinale…

— Stephanie Zacharek (@szacharek) February 10, 2013

This year, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted a conversation between Will Leitch and Dana Stevens on how social media—and Twitter specifically—has affected the work of film criticism. On the subject of sharing thoughts after screenings, Leitch emphasized that he has always set aside time for reflection after a film instead of rushing into forming an opinion, while Stevens jokingly remarked that, for professional critics, pre-tweeting before a review feels like "stealing from yourself."

In light of [...]


Bret Easton Ellis in Australia: "It Was Really About Me"

The place where Bret Easton Ellis came to talk about his new novel Imperial Bedrooms could best be described as Bret Easton Ellisian. It is a rock club on Sydney's Oxford Street, called the Oxford Art Factory, that looks and feels like it was modeled on a party from the film version of Less Than Zero. It's split into two rooms divided by a huge floor to ceiling window of sound-proof glass. One room houses DJs and a giant wall given over to a rotation of street artists who paint it over every few months. The other room is the band room, with a stage and tiers. There's a popcorn [...]


Bret Easton Ellis—Or Dr. Seuss? The Quiz

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A Little Story about Quintana Roo at Bennington

[View the story "Quintana Roo at Bennington" on Storify]


The Passing Of J.D. Salinger: Another View

This has since been deleted-and then reposted!-but we thought we'd still share. [Via]


"The Good Gay"

Bret Easton Ellis' quite excellent essay on gay uptightness puts him pretty firmly back in my good graces forever.


"The problem is that the culture has superseded Ellis"

"If Ellis-or anyone else-wants to write about the sordid world of money and fame, the real achievement would be uncovering what's vital and sentient beneath the insipid numbness, or revealing a path toward it without false redemption or sentimentality. Ellis accepts the status quo, presumes there's nothing but the narrow range of feeling it circumscribes, and in doing so, tacitly endorses it. His author photo may be a joke about narcissism, but facts are facts: The guy spent two days posing for his picture." -This is kind of a review of Bret Easton Ellis' Imperial Bedrooms, but there's a bunch of other stuff going on as well.


Bret Easton Ellis Is Alive And Hiding In Los Angeles

Where is Bret Easton Ellis? He is living in Los Angeles, spending lots of time on Facebook, and also he is finishing the sequel to "Less Than Zero," which will allegedly be published a year from now, according to Dana Goodyear. Also he is struggling with Twitter. And quoting Joan Didion, perhaps unknowingly.