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Eat Bread

Gluten sounds totally disgusting. It is not so far off from, like, "moisten" or "ooze" or "smegma." So it is no surprise that it chafes, no matter whether you think it does terrible things to your insides (despite not having been diagnosed with celiac disease) or you think that anyone who has a self-assessed gluten problem is a terrible asshole in direct to proportion to how loudly that person proclaims their gluten sensitivity (despite not having been diagnosed with celiac disease).

In this week's New Yorker, Michael Specter does not attempt to resolve this country's ongoing gluten crisis so much as survey its hazardous, craggy territory, but the [...]


The Mystery Of The Whole Foods Giant Bread: Solved

Noted at yesterday's opening of the Gowanus Whole Foods: the dude with the GIANT BREAD. And now we have answers, from one of the lovely Whole Foods employees. (It's a lovely staff there, by the way!)

Dude! This guy asked me if he could take the bread and I said "yes, it's Brooklyn" @awl #WFM

— Nicole Rae Drummond (@nicole_rae) December 18, 2013

@Awl haha! was specially made for our "Bread Breaking" ceremony (like a ribbon cutting) he wanted it so I told him to take it HAHA Hilarious

— Nicole Rae Drummond (@nicole_rae) December 18, 2013

We love [...]


Carb City

If you are doing one of those low-carb diets you might want to stay away from the papers today, because it is bread all the way down to the guts.


Bread Good

Let me just add the coveted Alex Balk Endorsement to the Ruis breads noted in this selection of ryes. Get a bag of six small rounds, they are great for breakfast. They'll give your jaw a workout, but so will kale, and these taste much better.


How Did We Advertise Our Stupidity Before Social Media? I Can't Remember.

"A Subway worker who used a bread oven to dry her wet socks and gloves has become the centre of an internal investigation after she posted a picture of her carrying out the unhygienic act on her Instagram page."


Bread Bad

Oh my God, I had no idea bread was this terrible. Fight the real enemy!