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Death Name Difficult

"Two months since war planes first started striking Islamic State targets, operations in Iraq and Syria don’t have a fancy name. One of the generic placeholders found on classified Pentagon PowerPoint slides reads: 'Operations in Iraq and Syria.'

To some military officers, Inherent Resolve didn’t properly evoke the Middle East. Others faulted it for failing to highlight the international coalition the U.S. had assembled. Still others simply found it uninspiring."


Why Don't Airlines Make Pilots and Staff Into Customer Loyalty Features?

One of the smart things Politico did out of the gate was build identification (or sometimes devoted enmity!) with their reporters—that's why Ben Smith's blog is named, you know, "Ben Smith," and there's a cute little cartoon of him. I mean, this is an obvious thing but somehow still an under-done thing online, and it works. (It gives the "YOUR PRESEDINT OSAMA'S IDDIOT" commenters someone to recognize.) And not enough companies take advantage of building bonds between their employees and their customers. The number one industry that would benefit? Airlines.


New on DVD: The Human Tautology, or, The Branding Centipede

When the first announcements surfaced on the Internet in the late summer of 2009, it sounded like a low-budget, energetic, insane Japanese special-effects flick, a la Yoshihiro Nishimura, of Mutant Girls Squad and Tokyo Gore Police semi-fame. A couple festivals in midnight or horror series and it could head to DVD, where it'd get passed around by Takashi Miike fans and brought up on forum threads by gorehounds playing that game where they try to out-cite each other as to who's seen the most outré flick.

It's on DVD now, but the path wasn't what anyone expected a year ago. Some months down the road from those first [...]


"Chili’s is now offering up free Chips & Salsa when guests check in on Foursquare"

That's right. Check out this exciting email we just received!


The Big Levi's Lie Campaign

No one wants to hear about the dreary plight of working, let alone nonworking, Americans in our grand consumer republic. The whole subject is a colossal downer-and as a recent Pew poll shows, Americans are, despite all evidence to the contrary, strung out on uplift. They believe that in the near future, we will have cured cancer, sloughed off our fossil fuel dependency, created a race of talking computers, and even-oh, what the hell-revived extinct animal species. Sure, there will also be nuclear terrorist attacks and another world war-but that, of course, is just the price of admission for the return of Jesus, an event that 41% of [...]


Danish Paper Scores With Headline: "Drug Addict Orgy Of Violence"

How about the Danish newspaper Politiken? Besides having such a great name-so verby and hip-hop-here's a publication that knows how to write a headline, even in the English translation version. "Drug Addict Orgy Of Violence" ?! A word-by-word analysis proves that headline has an 80% titillation factor. Then what follows: "A couple kidnapped on the island of Mors were confronted with an overdose, a chain saw and forced to dig their own graves. Six arrested."??!!! What choice do we have but to read this!


Mangled Clown Corpse Tweets

"'Selfies…here I come!' the company quoted Ronald McDonald as saying in its announcement on Wednesday. Mr. McDonald won’t get his own Twitter handle, but the company will post comments attributed to him using the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald." — The fresh visage of Ronald McDonald, all but buried in recent years as McDonald's seemingly realized that modern children cannot be reliably plied into gorging themselves on fried slivers of potatoes and industrial-grade beef patties assembled by workers so underpaid that the company itself has suggested that they get a second job by a weird, creepy clown, proves that no #brand can resist the lure of Twitter, even dead ones.


Popular Aspects of Celebrities And/Or Gadgets, in Ascending Order

• authentic

• virus-free

• attainable

• exclusive

• compatible

• popular

• English-speaking


American Empathy Watch: When Suicide Jumpers Destroy Our Cars

"A New Jersey woman is devastated that her precious sports car — just repaired and fully gassed up — was wrecked by a suicidal man's 40-story attempted death leap on the Upper West Side…. "I miss it. It's my baby," moaned Maria McCormack… 'Why? Why my car out of all the cars in the city?'…. Meanwhile, a Dodge spokesman credited the car's 'high-strength steel structure' for helping absorb the blow." Really, everyone comes out a winner in this one.


KFC Makes A Dumb Bet On Why People Liked The Double Down

Will July 5 be another banner day for the fried-food slingers at KFC? The chain is launching a new sandwich that's sort of a spinoff of its napkin-requiring, fat-upon-fat, America-encapsulating Double Down. It will be called the Doublicious — you know, like Bubblicious, but with chicken and less fruity! Here is what this new mutation, which arrives in KFC outlets just one day after our country celebrates its awesomeness, will consist of:


Malcolm Gladwell Correct!

Oh my God, I think I agree with Malcolm Gladwell? First though we must note that this interview contains a wonderfully telling Gladwell moment. Gladwell says that we need to look at the consequences of social media. Great, can you give me an example, he is asked. And then he pretends to give an example which isn't an example at all, but a vague theory. Okay but that is a quibble! Because then there's this. "If I'm putting together a flash mob, that I want everyone to meet me in half an hour in Times Square, it's really useful to have 100,000 followers on Twitter. If I want [...]


What Are Things Like In The Hamptons Now? Party With Whitney Port And Pepsi!

From our inbox, an invite to a party that you can attend in the Hamptons this weekend, with Whitney Port and Pepsi! Oh, you're what? Stabbing yourself in the eyes with your own toenails instead?


Mike Bloomberg Avoids Being Associated with the Word "Bubble"

What do you call a giant extrusion from your museum? If you're the Hirshhorn Museum, you announce that it shall be named the Bloomberg Balloon. The structure, which Diller Scofidio + Renfro will cause to be inflated from the museum with more than a million bucks from Bloomberg LP next year, is already generally referred to around D.C. as "The Bubble." But no more! Enjoy your "Bloomberg Balloon."

We demand that Bloomberg LP also announce that no funding for the structure was derived from participation in any bubbles before we start calling it a balloon.


The Menaissance Gets Overly Coined

4D Man is in fact a male between 15 and 40 who is “confident, individual and has varied interests and passions.” A Bauer spokesperson told Media Week that 4D man is “not as tribal as his predecessors, the metrosexual and the lad, where you either were one or you weren’t.” He is also “increasingly interested in culture and is more health-conscious."

Well bowl me over. This regards the launch of a men's magazine. Called Gaz7etta. (I think that's how you spell Portßolio in Italian?) A few things! 1. "Between 15 and 40"? I don't buy your demographic coinage if it encompasses half of adulthood. And spreads [...]


The Pleasure of Ruins

Lately in my travels through the blogosphere, I've detected increasing unhappiness with the intrusive nature of what could be called our "brand economy." As someone who identifies with this discontent, I was led to wonder if branding has actually grown more intense in recent years, or if by getting older-in the way one generation always complains about the next-I'm more impatient with the status quo of our more-or-less-in-theory capitalist system. After all, it's hardly controversial to say that since the dawn of mass production, and perhaps even earlier, we've lived in a "brand-driven" society; it's natural for companies to make products and advertise with the expectation that customers will [...]


Free Corporate-Sponsored Event Was Very Good!

There was a free corporate-sponsored event this weekend! Billed as a multimedia arts venture, the event took place in the meat packing district of some city. It was one of a handful of events that will be held internationally this summer, offering up exciting artistic experiences across several technological platforms. It was a music festival featuring a bunch of hot acts. It was also an art show with interactive exhibitions. There were film screenings, including one from a highly acclaimed director. Some companies provided food, and still other companies kept bars stocked with beverages, both alcoholic and otherwise. All for free. It was an embarrassment of riches!


And Then The Luxury Market Stopped Making Sense

Kanye knows that this insane thing actually happened. ALSO in skis. (On the other hand? The Chanel city bike? Yes please.)


World Trade Center Logos

The City Room blog had a competition for logos of the forthcoming World Trade Center building! We like this one. We think. The whole thing is, I dunno, somewhere between disturbing and amusing and irritating. Anyway they have a few more years, decades, whatever, to work on the logo before the building gets a foundation.