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Band or After-Life: Your Choice

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Yes, we are also sick of people stupidly putting things into brackets just because it's March.

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Songs About The Weather

It being tournament time, pretty much everyone is trying to get in on the action. I'm particularly amused by the Weather Channel's "search for the all-time favorite weather song" bracket, although the exclusion of Randy Newman's "I Think It's Going To Rain Today" is somewhat troubling. What's your all-time favorite weather song? Tell etc. in the etc.!


Last Chance For Glory

At last glance, 284 of you had signed up for our inexplicable March Madness bracketpalooza. Tipoff for the tournament proper-play-in game MY ASS-occurs at 12:20, so if you're one of those procrastinatory types who figures, "Oh, I'll get to it eventually," you should get to it now. We'd hate for you to be left out of all the, I don't know, fun? Yeah, let's go with fun. Anyway, do it up!


Final Bracket Joke Made

Putting together a bracket of bracket jokes which will of course contain itself

— Chris Mohney (@chrismohney) March 19, 2014

I know it is only Wednesday, but maybe we should call it a week now, because I feel like this is the giant wrench thrown into the creaking gears of the Internet for which some of us have spent so much time praying. But I guess I have been wrong before.


"An Epic Match-Up Among the 64 Best Pop Songs Released Since 1981"

This competition, The Ultimate Pop Song Tournament, fills me with terror-rage just looking at its


So You're Not All The Gay

I do not know why there are like 222 entries in our Awl NCAA bracket-fest. I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL HOMOS? This sort of maybe changes in my mind what I should be covering here? Like, less Tom Ford, more Tom Petty? (Or sure, Tom Brady, obvs.) So: LESS TINA BROWN, MORE TIKI BARBER MAYBE?


2014 March Madne$$: The School Tuitions Of The NCAA Bracket

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It is once again time for the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament. The eventual champions will get to bask in the national spotlight. And sure, winning a basketball title is worth bragging about—but we all know the real champion is the institution of higher education that can charge the most tuition and still have enough students to keep its rejection letter printer warm. It's The Awl's annual NCAA bracket by tuition, using the college information resource Peterson's. (Where available, in-state tuition was used.) Since we first began March Madne$$ in 2009, the winning tuition has risen from $38,622 to [...]


Your Penultimate NCAA Bracket Challenge Update: Behold, Your Final Four

You didn't realize basketball and March Madness were things that were still happening? Well, they in fact are, as is our ongoing Tournament Bracket Challenge Thing. Here's the strange place in which we find ourselves.


America's Greatest Living American Abstract Painter Tournament

The only bracket that matters: the Greatest Living American Abstract Painter Tourney. It starts easy-for instance, Louise Fishman pounds Ross Bleckner-then gets hard. And then weird: the top four seeds are… Ellsworth Kelly, Cy Twombly, Robert Ryman and Mark Bradford? Mark Bradford is about 1/3 the age of those other three. Weirdsies! Also, you know, it's not even likely that all of these painters will be alive by the end of this tournament!