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Caffeine Is Lies And Empty Promises

Here is a nightclub bouncer analogy that should help you understand how caffeine works.


Outside The Box: Seeing Who Saw Kanye West Last Night

Like the vast majority of Americans, I did not get in to the secret dress-up Kanye West show at The Box last night. The stone-faced doormen were wrapped in dark suits and clutching umbrellas-the umbrellas that doubled as canes, swung toward the ground, whenever the intermittent drizzling receded. The door would open every minute or two, and you could hear echoed bits of sound. First you heard the thin remnants of the voice of Kanye West. Then, if the doorman lingered a bit longer, you could make out a beat, or a synth tone, and the song title would come immediately. Kanye doing "Get ‘Em High." Kanye doing [...]