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Forget It, Jake, It's Kristallnacht

"Five days on, the commentariat continues to drop anvils on Tom Perkins, who may have written the most-read letter to the editor in the history of The Wall Street Journal. The irony is that the vituperation is making our friend's point about liberal intolerance—maybe better than he did."

Ha ha, how on earth.


Globe turns

"One of the saddest ironies about the possible demise of the Boston Globe is that most of us in Boston got the news when we woke up last Saturday morning and read about it in the Globe," writes Fortune's David Whitford. If that qualifies as ironic, then it is rather sad. There's a better story here: "The likelihood that The Times would shut down The Globe is pretty remote, but it does suggest that no company is required to lose $50 million a year."


Not OK Cupid

A series on the stuff that delighted us on the Internet this year.

I grew up in Massachusetts but at the other end of the state from Boston, so I never really got into the Boston Globe. Not that I imagine my friends who grew up near Boston were all obsessed with the Boston Globe or anything. God, I am being so boring right now, aren't I? This boringness is not something I would indulge in on a blind date. But what I am trying to do—and this is a segue I would never use on a blind date—is talk about my absolute favorite thing on the internet, which [...]


Oh, man, the Boston Globe really IS fucked.

They're so cute when they're earnest: "Nearly 20 bloggers launched a 'blog rally' to support The Boston Globe and seek ideas to help the financially struggling newspaper, threatened with a shutdown by its owner, The New York Times Co." Nearly 20! I have a feeling everything's gonna turn out just fine.


How To Fix The 'New York Post'

Although I’m huge on newspapers, no New York newspaper seems to fit my demographic: aging socialist who only wants to read the Sports Page and Garfield. I give up on newspapers ruthlessly and as permanently as I can. The Boston Globe and The New York Times were the first to go by the wayside. The Globe because The New York Times destroyed it, and then The Times because of their craven build-up to the Iraq War. That, and all their annoying Brooklyn trend pieces. I read the Boston Herald in Boston, minus the entire front section (except the always-enjoyable “The Inside Track,” because I want to know what Matt [...]


The Boston Globe, as it was

A quick look back: Some thought it mildly symbolic that on the day "Jurassic Park" opened in the movie theaters, it was announced that more than a billion dollars would be paid for a daily newspaper. "Dinosaurs," newspapers have been called, in this age of television, cable, fiber optics, audiotex and cellular communications. Yet New York Times Co. formally announced yesterday it would pay $1.1 billion for The Boston Globe.

Boston Globe, "Globe Sale Points To Newspapers' Strength," June 12, 1993