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Choice Affirmed

Man, declared Jean-Paul Sartre, is in anguish: the anguish that comes from the freedom to choose. "When a man commits himself to anything, fully realizing that he is not only choosing what he will be, but is thereby at the same time a legislator deciding for the whole of mankind—in such a moment a man cannot escape from the sense of complete and profound responsibility. There are many, indeed, who show no such anxiety. But we affirm that they are merely disguising their anguish or are in flight from it. Certainly, many people think that in what they are doing they commit [...]


Home Taping (Of Topless Women) Is Killing Plastic Surgery

An important New York Post trend piece on fake breasts being so out of style that even Hollywood is over them notes that it's not only the possibility of being sent to the hospital because of bursting implants that's making their popularity wane — the many un-implanted women showing off their natural assets on the Internet are helping, too. "We [now] see a healthy balance of tastes, not just an overabundance of augmented breasts," says Internet Nudity Expert Sasha Grey, who apparently is qualified to judge what is a "healthy balance" of physical preferences because of her background as an American Apparel model? For their part, the Post's always-[...]


15 Real Headlines From Publications That Didn't Let "Boobquake" Go To Waste

1. US student dares women to bust out for 'Boobquake' 2. An Internet Coup D'Ta-tas 3. Boobquake – is cleric's quake theory a boob? 4. Why I won't be joining the "Boobquake" 5. Weapons Of Mass Distraction 6. Blogger: No link between boobs and earthquakes 7. Girl, You So Fine You Make the Earth Shake 8. Boobquake: Earthquake inducing cleavage [SLIDESHOW] 9. Real women cause earthquakes 10. Quaking in their boobs 11. Twitter feels the tremors of the "Boobquake" 12. Protestaktion Boobquake: Der Tag des Brustbebens‎ 13. Today's "Boobquake" Lifts and Separates Political Opinion 14. A date to quake your boobies 15. Why Do [...]


Basically, the economy went tits up.

Here is an extended comparison between our decade of boom and bust and Tara Reid's decade of, well, bust and bust.


Spectre Of Size 12 Woman Having Sex Forces Fox And ABC To Suddenly Realize They Have Standards

Here is the Lane Bryant ad (for underwear!) (worn by and marketed to plus-sized women!) that was apparently too hot for airing during Dancing With The Stars and American Idol because it showed a lady heading off for a "lunch" while wearing only a trenchcoat, some lingerie, and a pair of shoes. Whether or not this is some big publicity stunt that the plus-sized fashion retailer devised is up for debate. Maybe the standards and practices departments at ABC and Fox are simply anti-nooners in general! But it should be known that the store has put up an irritable blog post about the whole thing that also manages [...]


Chelsea Handler's boobs are like "The Matrix"

It's been a while since we've done this on a regular basis, so I understand that we're kind of rusty. And this whole beta-testing thing has come with a number of distractions of its own as we tweak and adjust and confront the issues we need to address before we swing the gates wide open on this sucker. Still, I can't help feeling a little disappointed that we didn't come up with this tag first. I blame Choire.