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The Queen and Her Thrones

This year's event had 70,000 attendees. To service their basest bodily functions, Black Rock City was home to 1,400 porta-potties for the "general population" as well as 200 porta-potties for what Robbi called "Entitlement Camp," or festival-goers who rent their own private unit…

Complaining about the festival's fetid porta-potties has almost become a team-building exercise for pre-billionaires. "They're not necessarily rich," RobbiDobbs told me. "Nearly most of them are rich and entitled. That's why I used the derogatory term of 'entitled.' I think everybody should shit in the same place. What's your fucking problem? Shit in my units!!!!" She laughed.

A story about feces that you might actually [...]


Doctors Really Not Testing Drug On Pregnant Women So As To Prevent Lesbianism

A corner of the Internet went up in flames yesterday. John Byrne at Raw Story had a disturbing headline: "Doctor testing drug to ‘prevent' lesbianism, interest in ‘male careers.'" Dan Savage wrote on the same topic: "Doctor Treating Pregnant Women With Experimental Drug To Prevent Lesbianism." Both stories express outrage that doctors and expectant parents are attempting to interfere with sexual orientation in utero. But this treatment, prenatal dexamethasone, isn't being given to anyone at all in order to prevent lesbianism.


Bodies Given To Science

Sometimes when we walk through the mall, my boyfriend Scott will whisper: “How many people here do you think have held a human heart?” Or: “Do you think that guy ever removed a brain?” Scott has held a human heart and he says it's heavier and whiter than you would think. He will remove a brain from a female cadaver in March.

Scott is in his second year of pre-med. He, along with two other students, based on their high grades in anatomy class, are the body preppers for this semester’s anatomy lectures. The dissections are supervised by two part-time anatomy professors. One practices as a physician’s assistant, [...]


California Wants To Make World's Grossest Place Vaguely Less Gross

They are going to maybe outlaw the smoking in state parks and beaches in California, which, shocked that they haven't already? But I guess not all of California is Marin. (Am I right? High fives, anyone?) Anyway now California is all, "Smoking is bad for beaches." Like, people leave cigarette butts out there and stuff. Dudes, do you know what the ocean is basically made of? Dead bodies. Do you ever stop to think about how many millions of corpses have been dumped into the ocean over the literally thousands of years humans have existed? It's basically one giant open pit of ground-up human flesh. This is pretty [...]


Don't Bother Losing Weight

"You've spent months counting calories and pounding the treadmill to finally get into that size 12 dress. But perhaps you shouldn’t have bothered – no matter how much weight you’ve lost, your friends still think of you as fat. Scientists have found when a woman slims down, her family and colleagues remember her as being overweight – and continue to label her as being lazy and greedy."