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Another Fucking Thing Is 20 Years Old

"Girls & Boys camouflaged itself well: on the surface it was a gaudy tale of holidaymakers trading STDs in Kavos, recounted over trashy electro. But bubbling away underneath was the culmination of a plan that had hatched in Damon Albarn’s mind many months before: how to halt the pervading Americanisation of guitar music and reassert some belief into a British scene suffering from an identity crisis." —You know what's old now? Everything.


Blur Reunion Good News For People Who Are Kind Of Old

Good news for 38-year-olds who found themselves too young to really appreciate the news of the Stone Roses reunion: It looks like Blur might be getting back together.


Blur At Glastonbury: Supposedly Really Good

A reunited Blur apparently tore it up at Glastonbury last night, but those of us who are not in Britain will be unable to see video until someone gets it up on YouTube without copyright complaints. Sorry, fellow old people!