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A Photo Tour of Williamsburg's Latest Real Estate Travesty

Today's great story on New York City as real estate investment and money laundering capital of the world has lots to recommend it, but in particular it confirms one of those things you already know but don't have the numbers on: The Census Bureau estimates that 30 percent of all apartments in the quadrant from 49th to 70th Streets between Fifth and Park are vacant at least ten months a year.

Amazing. Such validation! The rest of us, well… we work here, so we should probably have some place to sleep.

The Spire Lofts in Williamsburg have been going on the market in waves, with an open house held [...]


Loony Little LA-Based Media Outfit Harshes on Obama

Headline: "Obama insists he's devoted to reviving the economy" Deck: "Slipping in the polls, the president uses his eighth news conference to defend his economic agenda and accuse Republican of blocking measures in Congress."

The right-wing press sure is going rough with the spin on Obama today, right? (Complete with copy error, of course. Republicans, you adorable bloggers.) Because they-oh, wait, sorry, that's the front page of the Los Angeles Times website! (The New York Times, by the way, went with "Obama Presses Tax Cuts for Middle Class at News Briefing.")


New Law Will Save Yoga From Evil Dept. Of Ed

Great/hilarious news! The New York State Senate may actually save yoga studios from their current state of being harassed by the Education Department-which last month sent out a letter to all yoga schools, demanding that they become licensed. The hilarious part is the press release, that just went out from state Senator Eric T. Schneiderman's office. (He represents the Upper West Side, heh.) Anyway, haven't we all learned in the last two years that regulation is bad for markets? (KIDDING!)