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Human vs. Citi Bike: New York's Secret Struggle

Every evening, around 6:30 or 7:00, I look out my window near the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street in Brooklyn and watch as people riding Citi Bikes approach the end of their commutes. One after another, I see them slow down, disembark, and prepare to deposit their bikes in the Citi rack that sits directly in front of my building.

Some of these people get lucky, parking their bikes within seconds and heading happily toward home. Others—those who stayed late at work, perhaps, and thus arrived on the wrong side of the evening rush—encounter devastating disappointment, as they realize that the one or two open slots [...]


A New Yorker's Guide to Hiking, Biking and Fishing

The Awl: Joe Brown, you have spent a lot of time in New York City and environs and you have been commended to me as wildly outdoorsy, despite your indoorsy day job as features editor of Gizmodo. I would like to know your secrets without you blowing up any secret spots. So tell me: if I want a good hike within reasonable distance of New York, and maybe I lived a little, so maybe not too hard a hike, wherever would I go?

Joe Brown: Spent a lot of time in New York? I am a ****ing native!

The Awl: Spoken like a native!

Joe: Don't [...]


The Bike Rides Around Baltimore That Become GPS Art

Godzilla vs Mothra 22.61 miles => 3 Hours 43 minutes 32 Seconds

Michael Wallace is a middle-school science teacher who lives in Baltimore. When he’s not teaching his kids about the Mesozoic Era (remember, “meso” means “between”), Wallace rides his bike around the city. Only, while he’s riding his bike, he’s also drawing something, using GPS tracking to trace his routes throughout Baltimore and forming them into different shapes, symbols that become fully detailed pictures. There’s “Jellyfish Invasion,” a giant jellyfish created over 16-plus miles and nearly three hours of riding, and “Gat,” a massive gun that took less than an hour over about 5.5 [...]


Outdoor Bike Trips In Every Direction from New York City

You can basically go three ways to get out of New York City, and in every direction, you can find outdoor adventure. Hey, guess what? It's spring! This is when you throw your bike on a train or in the back of a car, pack yourself a lunch and get the heck out of dodge. Winter is sort of, kind of over! April is here! Let us go outside together. I have some hot tips for you and your bike.


My Five-Part Plan For Fixing New York's Bike Problem

It's clear to me that no one was built to get along with anyone else. Humans are, in fact, created to be constantly unhappy. Especially with each other. This is what I learned from reading Central European fiction. I believe it was Franz Kafka who wrote something along the lines of "We are incapable of loving, only fear excites us." After living through a decade dedicated to making us feel freaked out at all times, one might feel like the clouds now are parting. Fear hasn't excited us so much over the last 5 years or so. We've just learned to accept it. And the thing we take for [...]