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Biggie's Oeuvre (Including the Junior M.A.F.I.A. Album 'Conspiracy,' But Excluding 'Duets') In Order

56. Biggie 55. Hope You Niggas Sleep 54. Playa Hater 53. Another 52. Last Day 51. Can I Get Witcha 50. Nasty Boy 49. B.I.G (Interlude)


No Turntables, No Microphone, One Desk, Two Pens

Watch this kid from Philadelphia make a beat for his rhyme using just a school desk and two pens. His name's Lyric (a.k.a. The Lyrical God). He's been getting lots of attention this week, from the YouTube video above from last year, so he's probably getting some phone calls. But thus far the internet seems to know little else about him than the fact that he can rock it on a garbage can at night, and that he has performed in at least one talent show. This reminds you how cool rap can be stripped down to its essence. Like Biggie said at the end of the [...]