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When a Housing Inspector Says It's Illegal to Keep a Bicycle in Your Garage

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Eric Spiegelman tells us what happens when a housing inspector declares your private garage a bike-free zone.

Eric! So what happened here?

A city housing inspector came by my building. I live in this fourplex, which is really two duplexes on different streets. I think what happened is that one of the tenants in the lower duplex complained to the housing department because the landlord wasn’t making repairs. I think this because he cornered me one day and told me he couldn’t turn off the faucet [...]


87-Year-Old Man Wedges Car Into Bike Lane On Way To DMV

Here is how not to use a bicycle lane: An 87-year-old Marin County man was driving to the Department of Motor Vehicles office when he mistook a narrow concrete-walled bicycle-pedestrian path for Highway 101, and then he just kept driving until his car was wedged so tightly between the cement barriers that a tow truck had to yank the Toyota out. Is this symbolic of the increasingly hostile urban turf wars between automobile drivers and bicyclists?

Maybe! Listen to what this guy said, after all the trouble he caused: "They should block that off, that passageway."

Raymond Pierce will have a mandatory re-evaluation of his driving privileges, under California [...]


Bug Bikes

Here you will find a photo "that appears to show an insect riding off into the sunset – on a bicycle."


Get On Your Bike And Die

I have been telling you this all along: exercise is no good for you.

In a new sliding scale of everyday risks that prove the ‘final straw’ in bringing on a heart attack, spending time in traffic – as a driver, cyclist or commuter – tops the list because of factors including stress and exposure to pollution. But of these, cyclists are in greatest danger because they are more heavily exposed to pollution and are subjecting themselves to another major heart attack trigger, exercise.

See, not only will bicycling turn you into a narcissistic prick teeming with self-righteousness and an inability to shut up about how [...]


The Dangers of Recovering Your Stolen Bike from Somebody Who Is Much Larger Than You Are

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, college student Michael Rosen tells us more about what it’s like to have your bike stolen and then have to confront someone stronger than you later on in order to get it back.

Not fun: getting your bike stolen. Also not very fun: seeing your stolen bike w/ a group of homeless people and asking for it back

— Michael Rosen (@michaelrosen3) July 19, 2014

Michael, so what happened here?

Really, this whole ordeal is Richard Linklater’s fault. That sounds like a non sequitur, but I [...]


Bicycles Are Obviously New York City's Number One Menace!

"NYPD statistics show 292 biking accidents occurred in the city in the first seven months of this year—65 in Central Park alone," says today's Daily News shocking cover story. Did you know that bicyclists are literally exceeding the speed limit in Central Park by 4 and 5 miles per hour???

That's 41 bike accidents a month in New York City! Gosh, and to think, only 293 bicyclists are run down by cars each month in the City! Only 148,571 cars are involved in accidents in New York City each year, killing 270 people a year! And only 24,673 pedestrians are injured by cars in the City a year. [...]


Now Bicyclists Can Look Smug Through A Layer Of Protective Plastic

"A hands-free umbrella designed to withstand winds of up to 50mph could help cyclists battling through April showers. The Nubrella, which resembles a bubble wrapped around the user's head and shoulders, works by strapping on a shoulder support and extending a canopy around the head."


The Bike Wars Rage On

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin takes time away from his busy schedule of pretending to be a Democrat so that his constant excoriation of the president will seem like it's coming from a place of disappointment rather than sheer partisanship to harp on one of the paper's other obsessions: bike lanes.

Here's the predictable path of the tyranny of the minority. With the city spending millions to make bike lanes for a relative handful of New Yorkers, collisions between bikes and vehicles are on a record pace. Duh. Now that The Post has reported the carnage, you can bet the city's response will be as illogical as [...]


The New SF Bay Waterfront: Now With Birds, Bikes, Parks, Humans

San Francisco's once-barren industrial waterfront between the Giants ballpark and Candlestick Point is rapidly becoming a 13-mile-long green patchwork of restored wetlands, parks and a maritime museum connected by bicycle paths, walking trails and the nearby Third Street MUNI light rail. It's part of the greening and peopling of Port District waterfronts that includes an accidental bird wonderland where a cargo pier was never completed, the open space around Candlestick Park (which will be demolished this year and replaced with 6,000 homes) and lots of little pieces along the shore being put together by the Port of San Francisco and the city's parks department.


Do Bicyclists Deserve Sympathy?

"Why are bicyclists portrayed as inhuman creatures unworthy of sympathy, dismissing an incredibly diverse world of practice (bicycling) because of the stupid behavior of a few jerks?"


People Still Arguing About Bicycles

"Are urban bicyclists just elite snobs?" Don't ask me! I prefer to ponder considerably less contentious queries like, "Who has it harder, white women or black men?"


If People Are Going To Ride Bicycles In New York In This Weather, We Can't Win

Walking my kid to school this morning, shivering, frustratedly yanking him away from the patches of "snow" he was so desperate to walk through, I was amazed by how many people were riding their bikes over the same slippery, ice-frozen streets. All bundled up in bulky coats, exhaling visible breath through the scarves wrapped around their faces, some of them carting their own kids in specially designed second-seats. There they were, peddling along, getting to work, clumsily negotiating a very-difficult-to-negotiate terrain and traffic, making better time than I was. (Though, to be sure, I did not envy them. They all seemed to have expressions on their faces that [...]