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Rude Twitter User @Pontifex Ignores Best Practices, Issues Alleged "Last Tweet"

Micro-blogging service Twitter struggles with corporate and celebrity users who refuse to follow industry standards for social media engagement. Case in point: Twitter user @Pontifex, apparently an elderly World War II veteran with an inexplicably large online following, has outraged millions of Twitter users by refusing to follow anyone but his own duplicate accounts. The rudeness reached such a point today that the end-user has finally given in to intense pressure to retire his Twitter accounts and also give up his job leading a global pedophilia ring headquartered in a European castle.

But there is a #fail even with this alleged cessation of the @Pontifex Twitter account, which [...]


Best Hype Award: The "Dead Island" Trailer

Deep Silver, the publishers-to-be of the videogame "Dead Island," claimed yesterday that they hadn't yet sold film rights to their as-of-yet unfinished and unreleased product, in development since basically forever, despite reports to the contrary. Here's a working theory about this unusual event (the "Dead Island" trailer: has like 2.5 million views, from the last five days): "My theory: Deep Silver knew Dead Island was in video game purgatory and they needed something to gauge the interest in it to determine if they should shelve it or issue yet another release date. So they came up with this bit of cinematic genius, something that would go viral [...]


This Headline Will Change In 20 Minutes Also

Really? Is "Ferris Bueller to Have No More Days Off, Ever" that much of a better headline (to accompany a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and their new twins on Gawker) than the originally-published headline, "Rare Twin Foals Yielded from Successful Studding"? What behooves (HA, "hooves"!) a blog to make regular after-publication changes like this? (This happens as often as a few times a day.) Is it just because one can? It is one of the great and, yes, rather uninteresting mysteries of our modern times. I have lost interest already really. OH and also today! "Billionaire's Wife Valued Solely For Her Smarts, or Whatever" just [...]