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Where To Not Get Stung

I know, I know, we shouldn't reward these kinds of thing, but there is something about the sheer insouciance of the headline, "Nipple, penis, or nostril — what’s the most painful place to be stung by a bee? (The answer might surprise you.)" that compels me to share it with the world.


A Brief History Of Pop Stars Dressed Like Bees

David Letterman REALLY liked the dress that Alicia Keys wore on his show last night. I think she looked liked a bee. She would not be the first pop star to look like one!


Rival Beekeeping Gangs Throw Down In Savage Conflict

"Tropical Storm Irene moved through New York City on Sunday knocking out power, causing flooding in some neighborhoods and knocking over many trees. In one corner of Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, the storm also set off a fight — over bees. In a gale wind from the storm, a hollowed-out branch of an enormous tree was ripped off, exposing a hive of 30,000 to 40,000 honeybees. The hive’s discovery was a jackpot for the beekeeping community and word spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter that a feral hive was up for grabs. Two beekeepers jumped at the chance to claim the bees, unknowingly setting off a feud between [...]


Bumblebees Fly

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This is actually pretty cool: how bumblebees fly.



The internet of bees can't be any dumber than the Internet we humans have, can it?


London Covered In Bees

"We may have too many bees in London."


Let's Manipulate The DNA Of Bloodsucking Bugs. What Could Go Wrong?

"An organism on your back that's about the size of a dinner plate, which creates a hole through which it can feed and through which its family can feed. The hole doesn't seal up—they drink blood through it and inject viruses into it." —Dr. Giles Budge from the National Bee Unit in Yorkshire, describing the human equivalent of the Varroa destructor, the parasitic mite that has been a major factor in the worldwide decline of the European honeybee over the past decade (often referred to as "colony collapse disorder.") Scientists have developed a methodology called RNA interference to combat the mites, introducing genetic material that will cause their [...]


Bee Nazi Misidentified

"A film review on Wednesday about the documentary 'More Than Honey' referred incorrectly to a discussion of the history of raising a hardy Alpine breed of black bee at the beginning of the film, and misidentified the person who believes in the 'racial purity' of the black bee and says it is threatened by a yellow striped bee. While Markus Imhoof, the director, is descended from a long line of Swiss beekeepers and discusses his family’s history, the discussion of the black bee is about the raising of the breed by a Swiss beekeeper, Fred Jaggi, not about the Imhoof clan’s raising of that bee. And it is Mr. Jaggi, [...]


America Is Under Siege By Bee Bandits

"Bee rustlers have been an expensive problem for beekeepers in countries like Britain and New Zealand, where secondhand hives can sell for $300 each on the black market. But until recently, there has been relatively little news of bee rustling in the U.S."


Bees Like Sweet Thing

In case you missed it, the bees of Brooklyn enjoy maraschino cherry juice. It's a funny old world.