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Which Meat Will You Miss the Most?

A butterfly flaps its wings in New Mexico, a lime crisis ends, a meat crisis begins: The cost to produce a BLT, America’s favorite summer sandwich, hit a record high of $1.65 in May and will continue to take a bigger bite out of wallets in the coming months, given a pig virus that has ramped up bacon prices and drought-stricken salad crops in California.

Kind of a strange way into a story about record-high pork belly prices, but sure. It's a BLT crisis! Chicken prices are skyrocketing, too, for entirely different reasons:

"We fed him too much. He got fat. When he got big, he did [...]


Jay-Z and "Autotune in Wendy's Commercials"

"It's the same thing like when the old lady in Oregon starts saying, 'bling, bling.' It's like, 'I'm never saying that again.'" That's Jay-Z, describing the genesis of his "Death of Autotune" movement to Billboard. Turns out Kanye West-whose own all-autotune album, last year's 808s & Heartbreak, probably marks the highpoint in the usage of the now ubiquitous computerized voice modulation program-gave him the idea. Interesting. (And Jay's right. Please, God, make it stop.)


The Complications of Appreciating Rap Beef

I never enjoy relaying this stuff. But: there is a feud between high-level rappers. Last week, Pusha T—formerly of the Virginia duo, Clipse, currently signed to Kanye West's Good Music (that was Pusha rapping on Kanye's 2010 masterpiece, "Runaway")—released a new song called "Exodus: 23" that he made with R&B star The-Dream. It's great; an ice-cold diatribe against an unnamed rival who raps tough but lacks genuine street cred and hides behind other people and is "signed to one nigga who's signed to another nigga that's signed to three niggas." A lot of people assumed the song is about Drake, who is signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Records, [...]


Man Confesses To Shooting And Robbing Tupac in 1994

"In 1994, James Rosemond hired me to rob Tupac Shakur at the Quad Studio. He gave me $2,500, plus all the jewelry I took. Except for one ring, which he wanted for himself. It was the biggest of the two diamond rings that we took. He said he wanted to put the stone in a new setting for his girlfriend at the time… I still have as proof the chain that we took that night in the robbery." —Whoa! A man named Dexter Isaac tells the AllHipHop website that he committed the heretofore unsolved shooting and robbery that touched off the terrible Tupac vs. Biggie beef which later [...]