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Edgar Allan Poe, Bea Arthur, Jimi Hendrix and Other Weird Military Veterans

Oh hey it's Veterans Day, America's most ambiguously celebrated federal holiday. Everyone (mostly) professes to love "the troops," especially if it's not too close to a news cycle about the troops urinating on the war dead or burning Korans or having sexytime with a lady biographer. But lots of people are bummed out by what the troops are expected to do, which is fight in imperial wars to secure oil supplies for people who won't use the subway or get a Prius. What to do? Luckily, the day is almost over, so there's nothing really "to do" except enjoy this video jukebox of surprising famous/infamous military veterans, such as [...]


I sometimes used to wish Bea Arthur was my grandmother. True story.

The Awl extends its condolences to the family and friends of actress Bea Arthur, who passed away this weekend at the age of 86. We also offer our sympathies to comedian Jeffrey Ross, who will now have to find another husky-voiced woman with whose dick he would not fuck people.


Topless Bea Arthur

Michael Musto dusts off an old John Currin painting of a topless Bea Arthur. Clicking on this link will almost certainly reveal something about your sexuality, although it's hard to say what.


Gays: "Bea Arthur Should Have Been On Every Page Of People Magazine"

I love it when gays go crazy. And now they have, over not enough attention to the passing of Bea Arthur.