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Basement Jaxx, "Unicorn"

Remember Basement Jaxx? Remember the last time I asked whatever happened to Basement Jaxx? It seems like only weeks ago, but it turns out it was [...]


Basement Jaxx, "What A Difference Your Love Makes"

Just the other day I had "Romeo" stuck in my head (this is a much better song to have stuck in your head than, say, "Blurred Lines," so do not think I am complaining or anything) and I was all, "Say, whatever happened to Basement Jaxx?" Which is a silly question since they had an album out as recently at 2009, but we live in an age of increasing acceleration, to the extent that it would not at all surprise me if a popular publication made a big splash with a "where is she now" piece on Rebecca Black at some point before summer's end. Anyway, a quick trip [...]