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Coming Soon (Again): The White Guy’s Nonwhite Sidekick

If the trailers in theaters now are any sorts of indicator, 2014 isn’t going to do much for Hollywood's endless race problem. The newsflash here is that while we’ll be watching Indian and Middle Eastern characters on screen, it will be 2015 (2016? 2017? 2064?) before they’re actually, like, people, in addition to just being "diverse."

I’m thinking of three forthcoming films in particular that seem to play dangerously into the trope of white male leads possessing “ethnic” boy sidekicks: Million Dollar Arm, about a (white) agent’s search for an Indian baseball player; Bad Words, about a (white) 40-year-old spelling bee champ with a nonwhite frenemy, and Wes Anderson’s [...]


Zack de La Rocha STILL won't do what you tell him, okay?

"We asked them not to do it and they did it anyway." —BBC presenter Shelagh Fogarty apologizes to listeners after Rage Against the Machine singer Zach de la Rocha "unleashed a barrage of F-words on Radio Five Live's breakfast show." The band was performing its 1992 hit "Killing In The Name," the lyrics to the final verse of which are "F-word you, I won't do what you tell me/ F-word you, I won't do what you tell me/ F-word you, I won't do what you tell me/ F-word you, I won't do what you tell me/F-word you, I won't do what you tell [...]


Parrot Welsh

"Basil the African Grey launched his first verbal volley within hours of being given a new home with the Fisk family. He announced himself with a polite 'hello' to mum Sarah Fisk but when she replied he promptly told her to '—- off' with an accent straight from his previous home in Wales. The bird then started squawking 'I'm in the Valleys' followed by a tirade of expletives."


The Periodic Table Of Swearing

A tad tardy to this one, but what with the holiday season coming up I would hoping someone might get it for me as a gift. Anyway: "It's an 'art' piece. It will be exhibited at London's Intimate Modern Gallery starting Friday. The table is constructed with over 100 buttons…. It is the work of Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. The duo describe it as 'a four legged talking table you can operate like a demented organist piping out swear words based on the chemical elements.'" I actually learned a few new ones here, so I guess this counts as educational! The normal headphones-at-work warning applies. [[...]