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Poisonous Monkey Thing Found Somewhere, Is Already Endangered

A weird little primate with a poisonous bite has been discovered in Borneo. We are still finding new primates! Of course, the creature is already threatened with extinction. Nycticebus kayan is a new species of slow loris. It looks kind of like a little bear with a striped demon face. So cute!

But the new loris is already under threat from the Asian pet trade in part because its "teddy-bear face" make it attractive for illegal poaching, the team of UK and US scientists said.

So, animal trappers working for exotic pet stores in Asia found this new lemur-like venomous creature before the biologists managed to identify it. [...]


Boy George's Art Policies Head and Shoulders Above the Met's

"Musician Boy George has agreed to return an icon of Christ to the Church of Cyprus that came into his possession after the 1974 Turkish invasion." Boy George has better policies on art repatriation than most American museums do!


Aww, Okay: Lindsey Vonn FTW!

Hey, Lindsey Vonn won a gold in women's downhill! Even I, who dislikes both sports and winning, sort of admire this.


And Now It's Pretty Too

Okay, we had our launch fun. Now The Wirecutter, our always-updated guide to the best tech available, is also pretty to look at.


Little Kid Likes Trash

It's not small children day here or anything, but I saw this and found it kind of charming. A little heartwarming, even. But then again I am a pretty soft touch; your own reaction may differ.


Today In Aww: Dog And Baby

Warning: This picture of a dog and a baby will turn your testicles right into ovaries. If you already have ovaries you will probably grow another set. SERIOUSLY HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THIS DOG AND BABY PICTURE? OH MY GOD. [Via]


Baby Squirrels Need You To Coo At Their Adorableness

Speaking of squirrels, this look at the high number of injured and orphaned squirrels that are the size of a human's palm (!) being brought in to the Empty Cages Collective was sorta heartstring-tugging — particularly the part that points out that "virtually all of these babies lost their parents to the perilous vagaries of animal urban life – cars, the destruction of habitats and rat poison." And there are not one but two photos of baby squirrels being fed by humans!