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On Giving Up

"I mostly write out of disgust and dissatisfaction. I want a beautiful life but I’m stuck in this Garbage World with you people. Very slowly, I’m figuring out I probably should not waste any more time on writing. It seems increasingly passive and banal, the whole exercise." —An interview with writer and self-help guru Ken Layne.


The Classical: Despising Sports And Itself And Everything Else Already

"That’s the NBA we will get in December: One where every bit of action is, for the viewer, shot through with ambivalence. We will love it like never before, while wondering if, just maybe, no one’s having quite as much fun as they once did. We could be projecting, but ultimately, most of what we see in athletes is an attempt to come to terms with what we need them to be. We love this game and yet now we—or the players, or folks paying them—kind of hate everyone. Including ourselves." —There are twelve people in the world, the rest are paste. Many of those twelve are Awl pals, [...]


How Do You Feel About Melissa Leo?

Something about Melissa Leo rubs me the wrong way, and unlike those times you pretend you don't know why or can't quite put your finger on it or whatever I will say exactly what the something is that is responsible for the wrong-rubbing: her "self-commissioned For Your Consideration ad campaign [for the 2011 Best Supporting Actress Oscar]." Remember that, when she paid for her own ads asking people to vote for her for an Oscar? This profile of Leo by Doree Shafrir posits that my discomfort was in part inspired by the fact that "Leo had so brazenly deviated from [...]


Awl Commenters on the Radio!

Awl pal and commenter Josh Fruhlinger stars in a The Story radio segment, based on his experiences in the dot com boom. It is hilarious and also totally worth getting through the segment on marijuana farming in New Mexico that precedes it.


RapGenius, Explained, Explains Itself

If you enjoyed Awl pal Willy Staley's discussion of mondegreen and rap lyrics and RapGenius—"Not everyone is satisfied with this chaos, however, and one site in particular, RapGenius, has harnessed the power of the masses to guarantee that you never embarrass yourself at a party with a rap mondegreen again"—then you'll love RapGenius' fully reproduced and annotated version. Good job, Internet. [Via]