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'Shy People' and the Consequences of Excavating a Lost Film

-Look over there.

-I don't see anything.

-You don't see them. They'll see you.

Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky's Shy People opened in New York and Los Angeles in December of 1987 after winning the award for Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival and receiving a handful of rave reviews. The film was seen by few people and nominated for even fewer awards, even though its lead actors—Barbara Hershey, Jill Clayburgh, and Martha Plimpton—teetered somewhere on the mostly recognizable and well-liked edge of B- and C-list. In May of 1988, the film was given a slightly wider release, allowing it to take one final gasp of air before falling into the murky [...]


Emmy Rage! Best TV Actress Snubbed! Los Angeles Must Burn!

The Emmy nominations for "Best Actressing On The TV" are in this morning, and, ugh:

Connie Britton, “Nashville”

Claire Danes, “Homeland”

Michelle Dockery, “Downton Abbey”

Vera Farmiga, “Bates Motel”

Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”

Kerry Washington, “Scandal”

Robin Wright, “House of Cards.”

We all know who's missing: Tatiana Maslany, the genius of "Orphan Black." Fortunately most "Orphan Black" enthusiasts—and Tatiana herself!—are gathered in San Diego for that nerd convention called Comic-Con. So they can march together on Los Angeles, AND REDUCE IT TO RUBBLE.


"Best Magazine Cover" in Whole Wide World Surely Not Best

Would you like to know what was voted to be the VERY BEST AMERICAN MAGAZINE COVER of the year 2011, by the editors of magazines near you? The answer may surprise you. (Or cause any other number of negative emotions, at least in part because it's, you know, fake?)


The Trouble With Awards

There is a certain cognitive dissonance when it comes to awards. We know that, in all but the most obvious cases where prizes are given based on predetermined metrical standards, they are entirely subjective, often political and occasionally bestowed upon their recipients for past efforts rather than any kind of current worthiness. And yet we can't help but take sides; there is something about our brains that is hardwired to rank, to root, to want our favorite to be the winner. We even enjoy the bad calls—I know people who still bemoan the injustice of Martin Scorsese losing the Academy Award for Best Director to Kevin Costner, even though [...]


The Great and Terrible News About the Oscar Nominations

While everyone is "upset" about Christopher Nolan not being nominated for best director for Inception, there's way more fascinating news in today's Oscars nominations announcement.

The good news:

Waiting for Superman? Straight-up SNUBBED in the best documentary race. Hooray! The propaganda vehicle for the privatization of education can now slink off to die.

Exit Through the Gift Shop, which is in some ways at least a documentary, though who knows which ways, nominated for best documentary, which, yay.

• Jacki Weaver, who is maybe possibly the last remaining delightfully aging camp diva of our time, nominated for best supporting actress to duke it [...]


Web TV Awards Show Too Anarchic, Crude for Web TV Producers

There is SOME SERIOUS OUTRAGE floating around today in the wake of The Streamys, the annual awards show for like web-based TV that happened on Sunday night. Apparently everyone was VERY CRUDE? I can't actually figure out what happened, because everyone who's talking about it is "inside" that "circle" and so doesn't feel a need to "describe" what actually happened? I do know that the bar closed 45 minutes in! The bar closed! And it was hard to get in? And someone with a blog called iJustine's Cool Blog, well, she was forced to apologize for… the fact that this all happened? ("There was so much [...]


Emmys: Robberies and Rewards

Here is HBO's Grey Gardens director Michael Sucsy on Facebook, this morning, after the movie was nominated for an insane 17 Emmy nominations. Holy smokes, I thought it would do well, but my word! Totally robbed: for dramatic series, Battlestar Galactica (also BSG's Mary McDonnell, unbelievably) and Friday Night Lights. Totally awesome nomination: John Slattery for Mad Men. Full big-category list here.


A Cronut Conspiracy

The Cronut™ has been with us for a year now. In that time, the mutant pastry has sapped millions of hours from people's lives: from the people who line up each day as the dawn breaks to taste one, lured by tales of its creamy center and precise flakiness; from the hundreds of cooks laboring at other, lesser bakeries to create passable knockoffs to foist upon their own unsuspecting customers; from the billions of people reading, watching and hearing about them, despite their best intentions, thanks to utterly endless media coverage; and from the writers and journalists tasked by their editors with fomenting Cronut™ mania week after week, day [...]


Will TV's Best Actress Get The Big Fancy Award For Best TV Actressing?

As "Doctor Who" went into the crapper this season (barely redeemed by a pretty good season finale) and "Game of Thrones" marched boldly on into mayhem and… wow, that was terrible: so where was the nerd's heart to turn this spring?

For a rather tiny number of us, our lonely geek minds took to "Orphan Black," a BBC America show that had its first season finale this weekend. How tiny a number? Well, episode eight of the ten-episode season had 170,000 viewers in the 18-49 demo. (The population of Jackson, Mississippi or Fort Lauderdale, Florida!)

Our tiny loyal contingent is enough to bring the show back for [...]


Surprise! Copy Editors Are Destroying America's Newspapers (with PUNS)

The National Conference of the American Copy Editors Society has announced its headline contest winners and it is now clear who is destroying the media. Among the many talented, hard-working winners—and you know we love our copy editors!—we find a batch of puns so foul, so egregious, that it's difficult to not feel pranked.

First place for individuals at newspapers with circulation under 80,001 goes to a staffer at the Wichita Eagle, whose winning entries include this… one.


My Two Days as a Russian Tabloid Sensation

Had I bothered to put “walk through Moscow in a tuxedo” on my list of things to do in this life, I could now safely check it off. The sidestreet in front of the theater was a static maze of Benzes and Bentleys, with no place to pull up. Arriving as I was in a regular taxi, the jam gave me a face-saving chance to get off around the corner and hoof it to the red carpet from there.

The Russian GQ had rented out the theater, a hideous 1990s edifice glowing at the sidestreet’s end, to hold its Man of the Year awards: “the unofficial start,” in the breathless [...]


Handicapping the Grammys: Best New Age Album

The nominees are in. And at first glance, the overwhelming, almost prohibitive favorite here in the "Best New Age Album" category has to be considered Zamora's "Instrumental Oasis Vol. 4," which is astonishing considering where we've been with him. After "Instrumental Oasis Vol. 3," there were many, myself included, who felt that with that bone crunch of an album, the Magical Places genre had nowhere else to go. I mean, not to get fanboyish, but six years later, every time I play the "Midnight Mystery" track (for the thousandth or two-thousandth time), I still find new things in it. That an artist working in Magical could [...]


The Matt Damon Show

"We can't wait to run around asking people what they're 'doing for Matt Damon night' and if they're going to 'a Matt Damon watching party' to 'play Matt Damon drinking games' (drink every time someone says 'Matt Damon'!). It's going to be so hard to get a cab on Matt Damon night, so try to leave your friend's Matt Damon party early and just find out whether Matt Damon cried at the end later when you get home. The only thing that would make this better is if it were a surprise for Matt Damon." -For the first time ever, the three-hour American Cinematheque awards will be broadcast on [...]


Pulitzers Announced

So wow, Holland Cotter, the adorable and really quite wonderful art critic of the New York Times, just won a Pulitzer!


Lone Man Beats Brands At Grammys Twitter

The race was on for viral heat during the Grammys last night. The viral marketers were very, very busy! And yet one man, with fewer than a thousand followers of his own, outdid them all. Perhaps there is some hope for America and/or the Internet.

.@pharrellhat how embarrasing we're wearing the same thing. #twinsies #mountie #MusicToYourNose

— Gain Laundry (@Gain) January 27, 2014

Be gone satan

— MALEEZUS (@_Shikor_) January 27, 2014

No we don't know who the 8000+ people who'd retweet a LAUNDRY DETERGENT are either, but bless this Maleezus fellow anyway.


Do You Want a Nice Literary Prize? We Propose Grad School

The National Book Foundations "5 Under 35" awards this year went to the following diverse (and very attractive! And actually also very talented! Love that Jennifer DuBois! Would read the rest of them!) crew of writers:

• one with an MFA from Iowa; • another with an MFA from Iowa; • one with an MFA from the New School; • oh also here's one with an MFA from Iowa; • one with an MFA from Ohio State University.

The prize carries a $1000 award, which I'm sure the writers feel nicely offsets the out-of-state, pre-teaching cost of $41,512 per year of the Iowa Writer's Workshop. Help a young person, [...]


The Tony Awards Live Chat Extravaganza

Ladies and gents, it's America's most important and most revered awards show for the most important and revered arts! Tonight, literally all of America will stop and join—what's that you say? It's the Heat-Mavericks game six? Oh. Well then… tonight, some of the gays and theater ladies will come together to hide from basketball and indulge in the not-at-all rigged awards system that heaps praise upon select, very expensive productions at a very small number of designated New York City theaters; awards are nominated by literally a couple dozen people and then chosen by all of 750 professional voters. This system serves to make almost everyone feel bad, except a [...]


The Red Carpet at The Woodie Awards Is Black

The crowds have swelled on Sixth Street. This city is full. I am barely alive. Being slightly buzzed on caffeine and beer have become routine. The so-called utopia has caught up with me.

I am out of my mind standing on a red carpet next to journalists from college outlets. I am really thirsty. I’ve never been on a red carpet and this carpet is black. I am not familiar with any of the artists. Who are these people? A publicist tells me the name of a band she wants me to talk to. I Google them. Wikipedia doesn’t even know who they are. I don’t have any [...]


The Emmys: The Great Lead Actress in a Miniseries Mystery

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Emmy Nominations for Lead Actress in a Miniseries Maggie Smith Joan Allen Dame Judi Dench Hope Davis Claire Danes


The Best Blog on the Internet?

It's the best magazine-related blogging on the whole Internet, according to the American Society of Magazine Editors! It's The Best Defense: Tom Ricks' Daily Take on National Security, at the website of Foreign Policy magazine. Unfortunately, Tom Ricks himself, who was twice on Pulitzer-winning teams in the 00s, was unable to get online yesterday to blog about it ("rare technical difficulties"). For me the most fascinating thing though about Best Defense is the commenters, who are apparently all current or former military? Also I'd love to see the financials on running such a site (Foreign Policy overall seems to have the same advertiser crowd as the [...]