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Is the World's Most Miraculous Car a Ho-Hum Hybrid Prius?

Carrie: So Ken, I understand that you recently purchased a Prius and are pleased with your purchase! And I bought one several years ago, and am likewise very happy with it. So my first question would be: What do you think the plural of Prius is: Prius-us? Pri-i?

Ken: Well, did you know that Toyota asked Prius owners to vote for the plural form of Prius, because the actual Latin plural (priora) was already taken by a crappy Lada? I just read this on Wikipedia, so I am pretty much an "automotive journalist" now. Anyway, the plural is officially and legally prii.

Carrie: I did not know that! Very [...]


French People Are The New Japanese People

Just in case you were in any danger of getting behind the wheel of a Renault on purpose, you can happily scrub all such crazytalk from your head. The French have invented the Zoe Z.E. which is presently being swanned about at the European autoshows and will begin production in 2012. This is just in time to make absolutely sure that whatever detritus the next civilization finds of us will compel them shake their heads with mirth and also pity. Because this voiture electrique is a motherfucking spa car.