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The Tetris Effect

1. Computer Space

When I was in second grade, my teacher sent a note home to my mother. I had recently been skipped ahead from first grade to second grade and the new teacher was worried about me. I was keeping up with the class fine, I was having no problem with that, she said in the note, but she was worried about me because all I would ever write or talk or draw about in class or in my journal or for homework were video games. They seemed to be the only thing that I thought about. She wondered whether maybe there might be something wrong with [...]


"Fear of Vaccines: Is It Warranted?" (A: No)

The Times op-ed page letters today are struggling with how vaccines do or do not cause autism (which they don't).


Mental Problems Made Us Who We Are

"In the industrialised world, roughly 1 person in every 25 has severe mental disorder, and nearly half of us will experience some kind of mental illness during our lives. Many conditions, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, as well as developmental conditions like autism, are at least in part inherited from our parents. If they affect people's chance of survival you would expect natural selection to have eliminated them, but instead they persist at high levels. Some argue that these genes bring benefits – mental illness and genius have a long-standing link – but archaeologist Penny Spikins at the University of York, UK, goes further. She believes that mental illness and [...]


"Asperger's Syndrome" To Become Obsolete. Finally.

Doctors revising the DSM propose to discontinue the use of the term Asperger's Syndrome as an official diagnosis. Great!


Against Neurotypical Condescension

I keep forgetting to link to this really excellent piece of writing! Aspie Rhetor is the site of a hyperlexic Asperger’s autistic English professor and ELO fan. (A love of ELO we can all have in common.) It starts here: Something transcendent happens to autistic people at the threshold of adulthood. When we turn 21, we disappear. Unfortunately for me, however, I’m 27, still autistic, and still living and breathing on this planet. Yes, my friends: I have been left behind.

Also worth reading: about "helping" people in the age of autism-related fear-mongering. It's like un-reading several issues of New York mag's parenting articles! :)


Spock And Autism

"Autistic Spectrum Disorder is like the arrow in the FedEx logo: Once you know about it, you see it everywhere." And definitely in "Star Trek."