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Instagrams from Auschwitz

One of the exhibits at the Memorial and Museum at Auschwitz Birkenau in Oswiecim, Poland, is a room of human hair. The room has an odd purplish tint to it, cast by the climate- and light-control systems that slow the hair's decay. A display case holds two tons of human hair from an estimated forty thousand people. “Please do not photograph the room of hair,” Pawel Sawicki, a press officer of the museum and my group’s guide, told us. “We don’t know exactly when it will all turn to dust."

Photographing the hair might hasten its disintegration. But also, the museum balks at letting patrons take pictures of human [...]


The Rapping Holocaust Survivor. Yes, The Rapping Holocaust Survivor.

Brace yourself. The endlessly, endlessly, endlessly, endlessly, endlessly fascinating phenomenon of people who you wouldn't expect to rap actually rapping is back for another go. This one's somehow even better and worse than previous iterations. Sigh. Here's Der Spiegel:

The sound is a familiar one: driving beats, austere rhymes, forceful vocals supported by female backup singers. Standard hip hop, it would seem. And yet, something doesn't seem quite right. The lyrics-some are Yiddish, others Hebrew, still others Italian. And then there's that voice. It's certainly too old to be coming from a hip hop artist, isn't it?


Yes, They Stole The Auschwitz Sign

A Jew: They stole the Auschwitz sign?? Me: Yup. A Jew: Oh girl. Me: For real. A Jew: This feels like a Bloomberg plot to me. Me: Wait. MIKE Bloomberg? You mean, like, he wanted to install it over New York City? A Jew: Exactly! Me: Um. Too soon.