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What Isabella Rossellini Acting Out Animal Sex Taught Me About People Sex

Who invented sex? Well—no one: it’s been a part of human nature ever since we were animals (if you buy that evolution talk). Actress Isabella Rossellini, however, has something to say on the subject. Or, uh, something to show you.

Rossellini’s exploration of “Who invented sex? Why and how?” comes in the form of a show called Green Porno. (When a passerby asked a group standing on line for opening night rush tickets outside the BAM Fisher Theater what they were waiting for, a shouted response of “Green Porno!” and further enthusiastic and earnest explanations seemed not to disabuse the notion that the line consisted of perverts). [...]


The Plot of 'Wintuk'

I will now relay to you the plot of Cirque du Soleil's Wintuk, which plays each holiday season in the 5600-seat WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden.