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Lindsay Lohan's Musical Career: What Went Wrong?

Lindsay Lohan’s debut album, "Speak," will be ten years old this year. What a world! But with the debut of her OWN docu-series, "Lindsay," what better time is there to consider Lohan’s long-abandoned music career?


Kelsey McKinney: This track, from Freaky Friday, is Lindsay’s first big blockbuster hit, but all I remember about it is that Jamie Lee Curtis takes her door off and then my father threatened to do that to me for YEARS.

Aleksander Chan: I remember this movie teaching me that the House of Blues is a thing and that if you get really pissed at your mother and you both wish [...]


Lil' Mama: She's All That, Says She

Having recently compared the death of Michael Jackson to that of Jesus Christ, young Brooklyn rapper Lil' Mama has chosen a title for her forthcoming album. It will be called Voice of the Young People: I Am That. It's a sequel of sorts. Her first album, which came out last year, was called VYP: Voice of the Young People. (Guess she felt like Voice of the Young People: I Am Still That didn't roll of the tongue quite so nicely.) "It's gonna be amazing!" she said to hip-hop website "There's gonna be a lot of surprises." Hmm.