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What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

I'm giving up ridiculous Times opiner Ross Douthat! This week, Douthat announced the gay victory over America, and his great trolling concern about what penalty the vicious gays will impose on Christians. (He's also concerned that people who won't provide services to gay people will go out of business. Welcome to capitalism! But of all business that should go under, the ridiculous Ross Douthat opinion industry should go first.)

But really this is just your friendly annual reminder that today is Ash Wednesday, so when you are out and about, don't be startled by the observant!

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No One Seems To Be In A Very Forgiving Mood This Ash Wednesday

Well, thanks to a heads-up from CNN food writer Kat Kinsman, I was spared the annual confusion that lasts for a couple of city blocks as you walk past person after person who has apparently been very sloppy with their application of mascara, or has been hit in the forehead by a thrown lump of coal. Today is Ash Wednesday, when Catholics wear ash on their foreheads in commemoration of the forty days of fasting that preceded his crucification. It's an act of repentance.

But, man, reading through today's news, or looking elsewhere on the streets, people may be repenting, but they don't seem to be in [...]


FYI: Ash Wednesday is Tomorrow

Now that you know Mardi Gras is today, it stands to reason that you receive your yearly warning to non-Christians: tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so don't be alarmed when you see the mark of Jesus on people's foreheads. (I know! Every year, it catches me by surprise!) Anyway, be polite, don't laugh and point, just roll with it: the Christians are a totally fine people, who believe in supporting the poor and loving neighbors, just as long as you don't spook or provoke them… or try to control your own body. (Sorry! God bless!)