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Arctic Monkeys, "Arabella"

The song that is generally acknowledged to be the first rock and roll record was recorded on this day back in 1951, and here, 60-some years later, is what they are doing with rock and roll now. I like it, but I also like the song that is generally acknowledged to be the first rock and roll record, so I may be from a different demographic than you. FYI, "the clip features a bit of female [...]


Arctic Monkeys, "Do I Wanna Know?"

You wait around a while for a new Arctic Monkeys song and then two of them come along. It's a funny old world. [Via]


Arctic Monkeys, "R U Mine?"

It's kind of hard to believe, but Arctic Monkeys have been around for seven years now. SEVEN YEARS. God, we're all getting old. Or I am at least. Anyway, new video! [Via]


Music For A Gloomy Friday Morning

The weekend will come, I am pretty sure, but they won't make it easy for us to get there. While we run out the clock here are a couple of tunes that would be perfect for the soundtrack. See you on the other side!


Arctic Monkeys, "Mad Sounds"

Visually there's not much happening here, but the audio is pretty solid for "fan-filmed footage." God, remember when Arctic Monkeys were new? They must all be like 23 by now.


Artic Monkeys Review Related Through Series Of Screens

The new Arctic Monkeys record, Humbug, is out today! (It's pretty good.) Please enjoy this ABC webcast which features a review of the album by some Pitchfork writer. The ABSOLUTE best part is the way they make it seem like he is TALKING TO YOU THROUGH THE WEBSITE. It's almost interactive! The future is finally here! Seriously, though, check out the record. It's a little more abrasive then the previous two, but there are people who like that.


Arctic Monkeys, "Snap Out Of It"

Fun, catchy and chill are hard to blend, but I think these young men from Britain have managed to pull it off here. The only thing snapping will be your fingers. (Hahaha, get it? Sorry.) [Via]


Fifteen Songs For The Ides Of March

So here we are on the 2056th anniversary of the day that Julius Caesar died. If only they'd had YouTube back then. (Oh, coincidentally, the very first .com on the internet,