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Arcade Fire, "Controversy"

It almost feels like a certain corner of the web exists solely to pass stuff like this around in. Anyway, yes, this is Arcade Fire covering Prince, and if my suspicion about our demographics is correct you will be pressing play now unless you have already done so elsewhere. [Via]


What Happened: Katy Perry, Balthus At The Met, Arcade Fire, "Chasing New Jersey"

Katy Perry’s PRISM This album is a nearly perfect pop album if you happen to be a Katy Perry fan. If not, I don’t know what to tell you. I like her. I like her enthusiasm. I like most of her songs, I like the way she looks and I like the sound of her voice. What else do you need in a pop star? Though I have a feeling this album is a bit of a “something for everybody” type recording, especially as it’s a bit too long, and fans of hers will have varying likes and dislikes (“Walking On Air” sucks! It sucks so hard!). It’s [...]


Arcade Fire, "Reflektor"

"At long last, it's here: The official video for 'Reflektor' by Arcade Fire. In the tradition of 'The Wilderness Downtown' and 'Neon Bible', it's an interactive experience. Go to to experience it. Using your mouse, tablet, or mobile device, you can control the effects used in the video. Essentially, it turns you, the viewer, into the 'reflektor.'" Did the Internet shut down for this, or is it not the early oughts any more?


The Realness: Arcade Fire, Nixon in China, Odd Future, Clapping Music, Tahrir Square

Since I had no economic imperative to do so and am talented at time-management, I decided against committing to the 3+ hour telecast of last night's Grammy Awards—going instead with breaking news absorption through Twitter, along with watching a few relevant performances (Janelle Monae and Arcade Fire) via our janky, insta-uploaded-to-YouTube commons.

But that doesn't mean I didn't walk through the New York City subway system these last few weeks. "MUSICisLIFEisMUSIC," went the Recording Academy's halfway inspiring but also inescapably vapid manner of posterboard tautology. That toothache you can't get looked at without dental insurance? Oh, well, that's life—which is to say, music! So be sure to enter your [...]


Kelly Clarkson, "Naked Eye"

Hey, look, the Internet has unearthed something that is claiming to be a new, possibly illicitly leaked Kelly Clarkson song that sounds a bit unfinished, but definitely summons the Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)" in its verses! Not that her songs haven't taken cues from indie before, mind you.


Arcade Fire, "Afterlife"

I am not sure how I feel about Arcade Fire anymore (I mean, I think I feel like they started off at such an amazing level that it was inevitable for everything after to feel increasingly like diminishing returns, but I also feel like that about everything these days, even things that weren't all that great to start with, all of which is doubtless some kind of subconscious self-appraisal, not that we want to look too deeply at what undercurrents trouble the waters of my already turbid psyche) but I sure do like this video.


Arcade Fire, "Joan Of Arc"

Oh, whatever, there are a million reasons to roll your eyes, but it seems like it was all in good fun and people enjoyed themselves. There's more here.


There Is A New Arcade Fire Song

If you want to hear the new Arcade Fire song you will have to go here. It is from the Hunger Games soundtrack, a story which I persist in assuming is about some kind of televised obesity contest. Please do not disabuse me of that notion. Anyway, the song's pretty good. [Via]


Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs"

Spike Jonze directed this video for the title track from Arcade Fire's latest album, and now here you are watching it. It's funny how life works sometimes. [Via]


Arcade Fire Does As We Say

Huh. A month ago, we offered a list of suggestions as to which Peter Gabriel song each artist he covered on his song-swap project Scratch My Back should cover in return. Today we learn that the dutiful Canadians in Arcade Fire have indeed gone with our pick, and are currently working on a version of Gabriel's 1980 hit "Games Without Frontiers." The Magnetic Fields' Stephen Merritt had apparently already recorded "Not One of Us" before hearing he was assigned "Don't Give Up." And it seems Paul Simon simply DISOBEYED US (?!) choosing to try his hand at "Biko" instead of "Solsbury Hill" as we'd recommended. (Jeez, "Biko." [...]


Today In Sentences That Would Have Been Incomprehensible Only A Few Years Ago

Greta Gerwig danced in a Spike Jonze-directed Arcade Fire video on last night's YouTube Music Awards:

— Vulture (@vulture) November 4, 2013

If you woke up this morning from a coma you went into in 2007 and the first thing you saw was this tweet you'd want to go back to sleep immediately, right?


The Way We Signify Our Indie Cred Now

"The band is planning to introduce New Yorkers to their new double-album… with a pair of scantily publicized concerts, played under a false name, in a former sheet-metal and plastics factory in an industrial pocket of Brooklyn with enough room for just 3,000 people."


Arcade Fire Performs "We Used To Wait" At Austin City Limits

Arcade Fire will be on "Austin City Limits" this Saturday. To promote this, they've released a video of themselves playing a sweaty but well-restrained performance of "We Used to Wait" interspersed with behind-the-scenes footage of how the show gets produced. I like the part where we get to see the audience come in: A bunch of friendly-looking music dorks totes psyched to have a good time. Some of them flash the camera what you first think is the devil-ears hand sign. But then you remember that this is Texas, and they're probably saying "Hook 'em, 'Horns!" But R.I.P. Dio, anyway.


Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" Is A Song-By-Response To Rush's "Signals"

Yesterday, while researching music videos for a post I'd planned to call "Happy RUSH Hashanah" (because, y'know, hilarious), I came across something much more interesting. You've watched The Wilderness Downtown, the interactive multimedia project Arcade Fire made as a video for their song "We Used to Wait." (If not, you should. It's very cool.) But having watched it, and then watching the video for Rush's "Subdivisions," I was struck by the similarities.


I Guess We'll Just Have To Adjust

The NFL has licensed Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" for use during the Super Bowl, "with 100% of the licensing proceeds benefiting Partners In Health's Stand With Haiti relief efforts." It upsets me to no end that I now think of this as "the Wild Things song."