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Your Lunchmeat Vs. The Machines

I don't judge what people want to put in their mouth as food, I mean, I eat at Arby's sometimes, you know? Have you ever looked at what they make into food at Arby's? That stuff has bubbles in it, seriously; I guess it's supposed to be beef-meat, but it's mostly just salty and fat-tasting, by which of course I mean delicious, in the bad-for-you way, but now they (as in Arby's) are doing this commercial where they hire this guy who is a "New York detective," and he goes and finds out that Subway* has their sandwich meats sliced ahead of time in a factory. Pre-sliced!

Seriously, can [...]


Brands Have Feelings, And They'll Share Them on Twitter

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Time to unfollow Arby's :( RT @alltwtr: If You Follow A Brand On Twitter, You’ll Be Seeing More Ads From Them Soon Jul 11 13:56:49 via Twitter for AndroidMike Byhoffmbyhoff

When web guy Mike Byhoff decided it was time to maybe disengage on Twitter with a brand that sells roast beef sandwiches, due to Twitter about to get super-monetized with forced viewing of ads by all, Arby's had a feeling. This is how it all begins and/or ends.

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