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A$AP Rocky Meets David Letterman

I'm not loving all the new A$AP Rocky music so far. Of the two songs he performed on David Letterman's show last night, I definitely prefer the first one—the syrupy title track to his new album, LongLiveA$AP—over the hectic techno squawk of the second one, "Wild For the Night." But even if the stuff doesn't grow on me, or you, it's worth watching him start his rhyming while reclining on a golden throne (a nod to '80s great Big Daddy Kane.) And DJs Clark Kent and A-Trak cutting records behind him. And the lightning-quick fingers of producer Araabmusic as he types out the beats on an [...]


Molly Ringwald: Where Rap Music And Jewish Literature Meet

Above, a video that Adidas made at a recent recording session with Detroit rap star Danny Brown and Rhode Island-born producer Araabmuzik. They're recording a song called "Molly Ringwald," named for the beloved star of "The Facts of Life" and so many John Hughes movies in the '80s. (And also probably sort-of for ecstasy, which is increasingly known as "molly" in hip-hop circles.) It came out good. And Molly Ringwald will be narrating the audiobook version of Awl pal Jami Attenberg's forthcoming novel, The Middlesteins—which Kirkus recently declared a "sharp-tongued, sweet-natured masterpiece of Jewish family life."