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The Ends

The path is an archaic technology; the foot that fashions it, even more so. In a so-titled travelogue, Robert Macfarlane refers to walking and its synonyms—way-faring, trekking, traversing—as one of "the old ways." The foot progresses precisely as quickly as its body allows, and precisely as far as its terrain extends. Each step is a repetitive terraform over a jagged quarry, or a well-trod mountain trail, or a barely hardened square of urban concrete.

For Paul Salopek, paths are an artifact of humanity's self-propelled evolution: the universal, oft-retold story of the progress of the human species from here, where we are, to there, where we were and will [...]


Talking To Tony Dekker Of Great Lake Swimmers

Tony Dekker, frontman for the Toronto-based indie folk band Great Lake Swimmers (that's him on the far right), grew up on a farm in Wainfleet, Ontario. While he's spent the past 12 years in Toronto and touring across North America and Europe, the songs he writes remain heavily influenced by the outdoors—and Great Lake Swimmers have a history of recording in unusual, out-of-the-way locations. But for their fifth album—the spare, beautiful New Wild Everywhere, out April 3—for the first time the band recorded many of the songs in what Dekker calls "a proper studio." I talked to him on the phone when, having just returned from a month-long [...]


If There Is Life In Lake Ellsworth It's Going To Be Like An Alien From Jupiter

"The experiment we're doing is very similar to an experiment one might do to see whether there is life on Europa. We know Europa has an icy crust and an ocean beneath it. If there's life on Europa it'll be living in a very similar way to life in Lake Ellsworth with total darkness, lots of pressure and using chemical processes rather than sunlight to power biological processes." —University of Bristol professor of geosciences Martin Siegert tells the BBC that the life forms that he and his colleagues are hoping to find by drilling through the two miles of ice that have kept the waters of Antarctica's Lake [...]


How Three People Survive Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

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What is it like to look out your window and see no people? That probably sounds kind of great to your average New Yorker, but how does it feel for people who live in isolated places full time?

I have a little bit of an idea. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and almost every weekend, my parents dragged me to our cattle ranch two hours outside of the city, in a tiny town called in Ola. Activities included: cleaning out sheds, clearing cow manure out of ditches, mowing the lawn, [...]